Video of the Day: Obama’s Gay Marriage Dereliction is “An Impeachable Offense”

Below is a video from a supporter of “civil unions” for homosexuals who, despite his view that the government should have no role in supporting traditional marriage, recognizes the failure to enforce and defend the law is an unconstitutional action and hence an impeachable offense. He adds, so, too, is its refusal to enforce immigration policy. If you agree, click here to sign the petition to impeach Obama. Click here to learn more about the Impeach Obama Campaign.

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10 Responses to Video of the Day: Obama’s Gay Marriage Dereliction is “An Impeachable Offense”

  1. BobVelon says:

    Obama does not care about our Constitution. How many times has he done an impeachable offense. I'm sorry but it all sounds like so much blow to me….Blow blow blow but nothing happens. He took an oath to defend our Constitution but he has ignored it time and time again. Do we the people have to go to D.C. and drag his ignorant ass out into the streets to administer justice or will the courts do it? None of our representatives have lived up to their oaths of office either.. They are laughing at us and giving us the bird and telling us tough s**t…. When do we the people stand up to this dictator..Do we follow Egypt? Maybe a few demonstrations and a little civil unrest will send them a message…

    • Teddy1975 says:

      Obama is a Muslim and this Common sense guy is an idiot. Gay Marriage!? Abomination in the eyes of God. Read a BIBLE and stop reading what you think the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution is. The clearly states that no man shall lay with another as he would lay with a woman. It even has a plain English version and an audio type for those of you wanna be politicians who can barely read. Get life and get a grip. And a civil unrest will do nothing more than filter through the patriot act as act of terrorism on our soil by our own citizens. At least that's how Obama will make it sound. Giving Christians, Militia members, and all around good people in America a bad reputation (WORSE THAN IT IS NOW). So getting out in the street and acting like idiots is just going to him a good reason to start killing Americans which all he has succeeded in doing since he got into office anyway.
      I live in Michigan . The Michigan Constitution state in the preamble 'We, the people of the state of Michigan, GRATEFUL TO THE ALMIGHTY GOD FOR THE BLESSINGS OF FREEDOM, and earnestly desiring to secure these blessings undiminished to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution. That's how true Americans think. perhaps Mr. Boeheim should be silence first. then we can worry about the ones aren't getting in the way of the real issues. That's just an opinion of course but I can only hope that others share it with . Boheim; until you speak of something worthy of American effort in this country that was funded on a God based idea, perhaps you find out what the details to your opposition may be. You'll look alot less like a fool. And you do look like a fool right now. learn to talk with your mouth and not with your rear. the constitution says seperation of church and state not men and women…..

  2. Dill says:

    Well Bob,
    It looks like that is what it is going to have to come to doesn't it?
    Our Constitution is being trampled on, by not only Obama, but it seems like every politician we have put into office.
    Now, Wisconsin and Indiana State Senators have fled their "stations" and gone into hiding because they don't want to do their job. Remember the soldier who was imprisoned because he refused to obey an order to deploy until Obama proved his eligibility? He had already deployed to Iraq & Afghanistan, this was his 3rd deployment. Well, he didn't honor his oath to defend the constitution and he had a very good reason, at least I think he did. But now these Senators, take an oath, part of which is to defend the constitution. Tell me something?? Do you think they will be sent to prison??? Laughable, isn't it?

  3. paddy0071946 says:

    Well, today, just like everyday, I read the daily posts and articles about yet another impeachable action made by Obammy boy and his crew. I am just one of the millions and millions of other patriotic Americans who sit here shaking my head in disbelief that Obammy boy is still occuping the White House.What is wrong with this picture? It is really getting sicking, this day after day, assult and exposure of the criminals at work in our political system and yet nothing changes, no charges are brought up, no impeachment, no trial for treason…. nothing, and the beat goes on! Is it not up to our politicans, the ones we elected, to solve and or end the daily circus of wrong events, all illegal in moral, logical, and order of law? I think the time has come for we the people to stand up to these misfits. Yes it is TIME to organize our own Egypt and Madison. We need to take the law in our own hands since our elected politicans refuse to take action. Any ideas on how we start would be appreciated.

  4. Highsider says:

    Let me preface this by affirming that I am a Tea partier, a conservative, A Christian and that I am completely against gay marriage.
    That being said, I believe that we are being led down a rabbit trail in regards to the left’s assault on DOMA. DOMA is a good faith effort by lawmakers, but a misguided one. Defense of traditional marriage by statute is Constitutionally only possible by the States and/or local governments. There is NO Constitutional basis for a Federal law concerning marriage. None whatsoever! DOMA is, on the Federal level, unconstitutional. When it is brought before the Supreme Court of the United States, it will fall on that very basis.
    That is a GOOD thing. It will prevent the gay lobby from doing any more damage on the Federal level.
    The question of defining marriage rightfully belongs with the States. Yes, it will result in a hodgepodge of definitions of marriage across the US. Yes there will be much confusion. But that is the place it must be addressed.

    (Continued next post)

  5. Highsider says:

    No State can be forced to recognize another State’s laws regarding marriage. It will end up as 50 individual dogfights. That is not a bad thing either. The State level is the most effective arena for us to fight this fight, due to our closer proximity and control over our State legislators.
    Reread the Constitution and then go ahead and try to make this Administration defend this federal law as it’s required to, but don’t invest emotion and energy to the point that you are devastated when it’s declared unconstitutional. Save that for the State and local fights, we will need it there.

  6. aranoff says:

    We must seriously study alternate scenarios in order to rationally deal with our problems. We neglect this activity at our extreme peril. E.g., America did not discuss a scenario what would happen if the Egyptian people revolted, and so were caught by surprise. The Israelis did discuss this scenario.

    With talk about a government shutdown, we must discuss this scenario. We expect the news media, pundits, as well as national leaders to seriously discuss it.

    Here are a few thoughts. As soon as the government is shutdown, the states AZ, CA, TX, LA and others will commence drilling for oil and gas, in defiance of government regulations. People will start making good money, and lot of us will have high-paying jobs. The price of gas will drop in half, to $1.50/gallon. Then after the shutdown, the government will not be able to stop the drilling, for these oil people are much tougher than teachers are and will fight.

    Let us look at another situation. The government will be unable to issue orders to the military. Therefore, the military will simply sit there, and do nothing except defend themselves. Self-defense does not require permission from the central government. Now imagine some bad guys setting off an explosive killing some of our soldiers. We then will respond in self-defense, wiping out the entire neighborhood. The Russians taught the pirates this lesson, and so the pirates do not bother Russians.

    Our situation is similar to the decade preceding the adoption of the Constitution. The situation then was unacceptable, and so the leaders of the states met and created the Constitution. We need to repeat this. Article V of the Constitution gives the states the right to meet to amend the Constitution without waiting for Congress. Our situation is untenable, and we cannot wait until 2012. During the shutdown, the states should meet in accordance with Article V.

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