Two More Calls for Impeachment

Two more voices have joined the growing chorus of Americans demanding any incoming Republican Congress impeach President Barack Obama.

A touching, personal plea came from Henry Shivley of World News Heard Now. Shivley is a self-described “49-year-old 99er” — a worker who has been out of work for 99 weeks and thus is ineligible for unemployment benefits. Calling on his fellow Tier 5 and 99ers to unite in their call for impeachment, he asked on October 7, “How long does the international corporate mafia think this can go on before violence erupts?”

He cited a number of Obama’s actions, including his attempt to implement a Marxist worldview, his efforts at “doing away with our borders,” and the fact that “the traitor Obama has filed suit against the sovereign state of Arizona” before the United Nations — a story first reported on the Impeach Obama Campaign website.

He wrote these are not mere policy disagreements but constitute grounds for impeachment:

…treason against the United States of America consists of the advocating of any form of government in the United States other than the free republic described in the Constitution for the United States.

…By all rights Barack Hussein Obama should be impeached and then tried in a court of law for the crime of constructive treason against the people of the United States of America as the prima facia evidence clearly indicates that he is a traitor.

His assessment of the constitutional grounds for impeachment echoes that of Floyd Brown, who has spearheaded the Impeach Obama Campaign. Brown has noted:

“high crimes and misdemeanors” does not refer to a criminal act, as some would lead you to believe. Our Founding Fathers fully intended to allow for the removal of the president for actions which are gross incompetence, gross negligence, outright distasteful, or in the case of Barack Hussein Obama, actions which clearly show “malevolence toward this country, which is unabated.”

The Founders, Brown has rightly argued, did not intend impeachment only to cover the personal bad behavior of a president but also any attempt to alter the American form of government embodied in the U.S. Constitution.

Unbeknownst to Shivley, another writer had taken up the same offensive a week earlier. On September 28, Stephen J. Blandino of New Jersey wrote on that Obama truly intends to fundamentally transform the very fabric of the United States — “with the help of the socialist/Democrat Congress.”

If he intends to do that, he better do it in a hurry before the November elections, because if and when the Republicans gain control of Congress, his dream of a Marxist utopia will go up in smoke…Perhaps with a Republican Congress, they may find enough evidence to have him impeached and removed for the Oval Office.

What a glorious day that would be.

Blandino and Shivley are far from alone. Calls for Obama’s impeachment continue to pour in, from Florida to California. Darrell Issa has promised to investigate numerous act of wrongdoing by the administration if Republicans retake the House after the midterms. The quite liberal Jonathan Chait of The New Republic agrees Barack Obama will be impeached.

The coming success of the impeach Obama movement likely represents why the Soros-funded Media Matters has attacked our calls for justice generally and Floyd Brown specifically. However, this president and his administration have so often, so flagrantly crossed the lines of legality that an avalanche of Obama investigations have been announced. And even George Soros knows there is no point “standing in the way of an avalanche.”

Perhaps Shivley said it best:

I think it’s time to get on our phones and computers and text, email, and tweet demanding that President Obama be impeached.

Click here to sign the impeach Obama petition. If you see impeachment activities in your community please report them to us. Use the contact form. We are working to try and increase awareness of the thousands of spontaneous calls for impeachment from all corners of America.

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15 Responses to Two More Calls for Impeachment

  1. hijinx60 says:

    Fox News reported yesterday that George Soros was backing away from this administration if the Republicans take control this November. This should cause a clarion call to go forth to all who love our Republic and the Constitution. I want a National Referendum on Obama's impeachment on the ballot this November.

    • patriot4life says:

      Impeach this Un American, Marxist, Scumbag, POS!!… Eveyone one we MUST get out and Vote this Imposter OUT!!….Nobama 2012.

  2. Irosin says:

    There are so many crimal things this moron has done to this country and the American people. He really needs to be imprisioned not impeached!

  3. Bonitas58 says:

    Impeachment will succeed when all Americans get involved!

  4. Angelicsweep says:

    George Soros made a huge mistake in his support for obama! I don’t think he saw such a groundswell of opposition to obama and his policies as there has been. He probably figured that obama could carry out his plans to destroy America without a whimper. He put his eggs in an empty suit, now he has a mess to clean up. But like all cowards, soros is backing away at the least bit of confrontation. Like all snakes, he has just crawled into a crevice until some unsuspecting fool comes walking by and then will strike. We can not take anything for granted…the only way to make sure the snake will not strike again is to chop it’s head off. Vigilance, my friends, we must remain vigilant if we are to take our Country back!

  5. jakespins says:

    Folks, we do NOT want this pretender impeached unless it includes the charge that he WAS AND IS NOT ELIGIBLE to be president of these United States. If congress finds that he was ineligible then ALL his destructive acts, decrees, and bills signed will be of NO LEGAL STANDING – therefore all will be null and void. This is why he and his fellow enemies of our state are in a hurry to 'pass' all this unconstitutional garbage – to destroy this country economically, militarily, and morally – before he can be removed by vote or impeachment. We can roll ALL this back IF we force our congress to include the ineligibility charge in impeachment hearings.

  6. SheepleHearder says:

    It is our CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY as true American, which OBAMA is clearly NOT, to IMPEACH this SOB and get his A$$ out of our country !!!!!

    Here's a heart warming story of his ILLEGAL and defiant Aunt whose twisted logic for being here is only equaled by her Uncle B-O. Check this out, and if THIS doesn't make you unbelievely livid I don't know what would …

    SIGN THE PETITION to get this SCUM BAG, referred to as our "president" which makes me want to PUKE…You can also keep a very close eye on this STINKIN' WEASEL at:


  7. tools131 says:

    Him and all his cohorts, the clintons, pelosi, reid and the rest should all be tried for treason and dealt with accordingly. All the socialist, marxist liberals are traitors that would have Americans governed by the government. It's governments job to protect the constitution and guard our freedoms. Bill Clinton said "govt. can't be concerned with trying to protect the freedoms of ordinary Americans." If these aren't the words of a traitor then I must of been wrong my whole life thinking that that is exactly govt.s job. As for obama, he's an illegal alien to begin with and after he's tried and hung for treason we should deport his dead body.

    • CrazyHorse2010 says:

      I always thought that We The People were the government! The U.S was sold out long before Obama became president. His mother was American he had a birth announcement in the local paper and his certificate of live birth was posted on the internet. I heard that a certificate of live birth is not an actual birth certificate so if that is the case then I guess that I am not an American citizen since that is what I have. And as far as hanging traitors then you had better count all of the so called American Corporations who sold out American jobs to communist China! And then you had better string up all of the supporters of Globalism. Obama is a puppet set up by corporate America. I think the merging of Government and Corporations is called fascism. And that happened long ago.

  8. mocus says:

    Suppose proof is found that Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen and it is officially declared that by definition he is not President. Aside from how all that might come about, what happens then?

    The Vice President wouldn't become President because that can happen only if a President is removed, dies or resigns (Amendment 25, Clause 1). In this instance the last President (Bush II) finished his term of office so the VP would stay put.

    A Presidential election would not be a viable option because it would have to include a Vice President when we already have one (Amendment 12).

    A cabal of government insiders might stage a coup d'état and govern by committee until the courts would resolve the problem.

    The armed forces might stage a coup d'état, declare martial law, and name a caretaker President until the problem is resolved, if ever.

    Maybe Obama would simply refuse to step down and claim he is President de facto for having been administered the oath of office. Impeachment then would tend to reinforce his claim because it would not apply if he were not President.

    Congress cannot override Constitutional Amendments so one would have to be adopted to provide not only for electing Presidents and Vice Presidents singly but also for appointing interim replacements. This would be dangerously time consuming. Any Commander in Chief of our armed forces would be of arguable legitimacy and enemies might consider us disorganized and unlikely to respond to some hostile act they might be contemplating.

    It seems that the authors of the Constitution and Amendments never considered the possibility that we could be without a President simply because a Presidential candidate had not been adequately vetted. To paraphrase, be careful what you want to prove because it might open up one big can of worms.

  9. gow0 says:

    He, and his owners, are acting like they own us. Impeach him ASAP, and gt rid of the rest of the trash, G. Soros and others.

  10. F_This says:

    If Obama doesn't have the majority after November, and he goes around the law by executive order, They better impeach him or I will!

  11. RudyTX says:

    I am wondering why my comments are not posted. I have a right to ask for Obama to step down just as much as anyone else. Actually, he should be DRAGGED out of office and jailed for treason, but that's more than this forum can stomach, I guess.

  12. Stone7959 says:

    Here's what scares me. All of the talk about "how we can withstand another 911", US Marshals being called for an out-of-state "inservice" just before the November elections… .
    Are tptb setting us up for an event that could postpone the elections? The way I see it, NOBAMA and the demoncrats KNOW that America is fedup, and they will lose BIG in November. If the conspiracy theorists are right, (????) could America experience another 911 that will keep these vemin in office? Just sayin'…..

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