Obama’s Next Vote Fraud Drive?

The organization that brought Barack Obama to Chicago as a “community organizer” is ready to launch a new voter registration drive. Voters have reason for concern, since the organization often hires ACORN members to perform its registrations, its activities have been investigated by the FBI, and its board members include one of the originators of the Cloward-Piven strategy.

Voting For America, “an affiliate of the voting rights nonprofit Project Vote,” plans to “help” more than 50,000 students in seven states register to vote. The Sierra Club has contracted VFA to perform the drive on its behalf.

The group has targeted such battleground states as Ohio, Colorado, Nevada, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Oregon. Each state has high-profile elections looming in November.

Executive director Michael Slater said Project Vote created VFA this year “as a means of making the systems, strategies, and tools we’ve developed available to other organizations.”

Share the stealth.

Among the “services” VFA “will contribute” are “legal services,” presumably when its registration cards are challenged in court. Their history assures they will be.

Voter Fraud

The FBI investigated Project Vote and ACORN as part of its inquiry into the massive registration of non-existent voters. Judicial Watch obtained handwritten notes FBI officers took during interviews with the staff. (The two work in close tandem.)

One interviewee told the FBI, “Project Vote will pay” six dollars per voting card, “fake or not.” Why would the group want fraudulent cards? Thankfully, the interrogators literally spelled their reasons out, in longhand (and I quote):

  • To cause confusion on election day to keep polls open longer.
  • To allow people who can’t vote to vote.
  • To allow to vote multiple times.

According to an insider, the Democratic Party and Barack Obama colluded in the group’s efforts. Former Project Vote employee Anita Moncrief testified under oath that both the Democratic Party and the Obama campaign had furnished Project Vote with maxed-out donor lists, so they could fund its vote drives. It seems both organizations understood this as Democratic advocacy by other means. Upon the revelation, Project Vote sued Moncrief for $5 million, but its case was thrown out of court.

The Democrats had good reason to believe ACORN/Project Vote was doing partisan bidding. The head of Project Vote’s 2004 efforts in Florida noted in writing that all PV’s efforts aimed to “defeat George W. Bush and other Republicans by increasing Democrat turnout in a close election…and…catalyze the construction of permanent progressive political infrastructure that will help redirect Florida politics in a more progressive, Democratic direction.”

If any group should know how to build a permanent political army for the Left, it is Project Vote’s Board of Directors.

Board of Radicals

One of VFA’s directors is Frances Fox Piven. She is best known as the second half of the Cloward-Piven strategy, the effort to flood welfare rolls until the system collapsed — and a new, socialist future took its place . Project Vote and ACORN have adapted the strategy to the voting rolls, and not all its beneficiaries are eligible.

Other board members include:

  • Craig Kaplan, counsel to the law firm of Rabinowitz, Boudin, Standard, Krinsky, & Lieberman. “Boudin” is Leonard B. Boudin, a Communist Party USA strategist who represented Daniel Ellsberg during The Pentagon Papers trial. His daughter, Kathy Boudin, served hard time for robbery and felony murder after she and other members of the Weather Underground knocked off a Brinks truck in 1981. The law firm acted as a Communist Party legal asset. It became the official legal representative of the Cuban government, defended Alger Hiss, and turned down the Rosenbergs over a scheduling conflict. Kaplan formerly served as counsel to the Voter Protection Project of America’s Families United. The Liberation News Service described it as one of “a host of advocacy and civil-rights groups, which often act in parallel with Democrats when it comes to expanding ballot access.” It added this “racial-justice advocacy group” had “set up a ‘voter protection project’ to ensure that its new registrants make it onto the rolls…Penda D. Hair, the project director, said her goal was to recruit 6,000 lawyers in 20 states who could challenge registrars when they reject applications improperly.” Kaplan was one of them.
  • J. Philip Thompson, who wrote the book Double Trouble: Black Mayors, Black Communities, and the Call for a Deep Democracy. It features an entire section on the use of the use of “patronage” as a tool of “mobilization.”  Thompson noted “black mayors have sought to develop political capacity in poor black communities by supporting community and labor patronage…None of these organizations is strong enough individually to determine the outcome of an election, but together they may” (pp. 67, 69). Lending credence to Moncrief’s claims, he added, “Officials can come to rely on non-profits to undertake voter registration” (p. 64). In his judgment, “centralized” government best concentrated such organizations’ power.
  • Renee Brereton. After spending 19 years with the Alinskyite Catholic Campaign for Human Development, she became an organizer with the Gamaliel Foundation, a Soros-funded member of the Religious Left that promoted Open Borders and the Obama health care plan. Sociology Professor David Walls has written that the Gamaliel Foundation’s methods of organization were “indebted, in greater or lesser degree, to [Saul] Alinsky.” Founded in 1968 to assist Chicago’s impoverished black community, the Gamaliel Foundation became “reoriented to focus on community organizing” in 1986. Walls names it as one of three Alinsky-inspired organizations, “most of whose leaders got their start with” Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation.
  • Frank Askin, a national board member and general counsel of the ACLU.
  • Margaret Groarke, a co-author of Piven’s and co-chair of the Peace and Justice Studies Association.
  • David O. Stevens, who recently asked readers of The Huffington Post, “What would you change in the Constitution?” (His pick? Abolishing the Electoral College, an integral part of the Founders’ vision to give small states and rural populations a greater voice. Stewart would prefer to disenfranchise these minorities.)

The board’s radicalism may have been what attracted a young Barack Obama to begin his life, not in the corporate world, but on the fraud-riddled extreme Left.

Obama’s Personal Ties

Vernon Jarrett, the father-in-law of Obama’s closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, quoted Obama’s assessment of his work with Project Vote in the pages of the Chicago Sun-Times. Obama said to meet his goals, his canvassers:

“must average 10,000 rather than 7,000 every week,” says Barack Obama, the program’s executive director…”There’s a lot of talk about `black power’ among the young but so little action.”

Obama remains tied to Project Vote. The group’s public relations are handled by Marilyn Katz, an Obama/Jarrett family friend who handled “security” for SDS at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. (She designed the nail-studded golfballs thrown at police.) In late 2008, she said, “I would probably reject violence as a useful form of revolution.” Probably?

Project Vote continues to testify before Congress on issues of registration and “underrepresented” communities (the dead and the  non-existent, one presumes), despite its long history of dubious practices. PV still offers recommendations for Congress to enact. For instance, it suggests: “No onerous restrictions should be placed on community-based voter registration drives, which serve an important role in encouraging participation among underrepresented populations.”

Project Vote helped fuel the smashing electoral triumph of its most popular alumnus. Journalist Lynn Sweet noted “Project Vote/ACORN” targeted “states Obama needs to win” just before the 2008 election. Is this new effort the midterm version?

That’s the question voters — and law enforcement officials — should be asking themselves.

About Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is the editor of several conservative websites. A seasoned journalist, he has broken a host of news stories of national importance and written sizzling editorials that started the nation talking. A former talk show host, he has been a guest on The Michael Savage Show, Nothing But Truth with Crane Durham, Crosstalk on VCY America, The G. Gordon Liddy Show, The Bob Dutko Show, and scores of local programs. The Managing Editor of FrontPage Magazine (2004-2010) and previously its Associate Editor (2003-2004), he is the author of three books. He maintains his own website, TheRightsWriter.com, which you can view here. You can contact him here.
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11 Responses to Obama’s Next Vote Fraud Drive?

  1. dragonfFIRE01 says:

    WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more voter fraud. When is this madness going to end? what's happened to honesty? Is that a dirty word? i guess so.

  2. clifwest says:

    I see that Senator Ron Wyden backed out of Obamacare today after voting for it. One thing about Liberals, they are like greased pigs and pretty hard to catch. Backing out today is a day late and many millions of dollars short in my books. I wonder how many Acorn workers he will need to get re-elected and where they will be turning in the phony ballots? I mail in my ballot and he can rest assured his change of heart was wasted on me although I am sure there are plenty of Liberal suckers in Oregon to put him back in office. I have been a registered Democrat for over fifty-five years and always a Conservative.

    Clifton Lee West

  3. Semper_Fidelis says:

    WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE NOT IN JAIL?! In CT we just found out that our Liberal Congresswomen Rosa DeLauro is tightly association with and is supported by The Connecticut Communist Party out of New Haven CT. No wonder New Haven is a sanctuary city. No wonder Mr. Obama and his Justice Department are not going after sanctuary cities across America. DeLauro’s personal connections to the Communists in New Haven have seats on the Communist Party USA National Board and chair the Communist Party’s Political Action Commission. She and others I an sure are aiding Obama's fundamental transformation of America into a COMMUNIST nation!! AMERICA RISE UP!!!!

  4. American patriot says:

    I suspect Acorn/Project Vote are organizations set up to entice people into voting for their candidate using illegal methods. I hope the FBI is keeping a close watch on this group, especially in the 2012 elections coming up. They used some questionable methods in the last Presidential election and makes me wonder if Obama really won the election. It appears there was some fraud involved by Acorn members. This can't be allowed to happen again. We need to keep watch on these organizations.

  5. truekeeper says:

    This is an outrage and an abomination to our constitution and our country.. A royal smack in our face to our constitutional rights to govern in honesty, The American people have had enough of these pathetic dysfunctional filth mongers these parasitic tumors in our Nation need to be removed.. They are cancerous and spreading and need to be stopped at once..
    If we know all about there plan than someone needs to do there job and shut them down..If obama is a part of it, We all know now he is not a confirmed legal president and can not do business for the American People..REASON HE has committed TREASON upon our COUNTRY and PEOPLE and any thing he voices should be silenced from here on out…
    I think that most American's feel that if obammy thinks that him and his thug friends are going to keep there places in the White House because they think they have the American people held hostage, do to there dirty illegal tactics…THEY SHOULD THINK AGAIN… The American People are looking to kick some dirty ass and will not stop until all of you anti-American parasites are no more.. You will not keep the goods you stole from us, All will be recovered from you and yours…I will tell you what you will receive and that is, you will reap the destruction your own behavior.

  6. dpugsr says:

    Has there ever been an election that the Democrats did not pad the vote wheather necessary or not? I am only 71 , but I can not remember one. And in spite of leaps in technology they are still getting caught and are very open about it. You would think with the Pro in the Oval Office they could be more sophisicated about it. Nevere the less , in my opinion they can not cheat enough to make it even convincingly close this time.

  7. _ARN_ says:

    I was in the USMC for 4 years-while stationed on the island of Okinawa, I was part of the USMC effort to upgrade tanks being held aboard pre-positioned ships. One day, not wanting lunch–i took an M-60 A2 tank for a test run down the ramp. Theres Nothing even close to the experience of hitting the moss covered portion of the ramp at full throttle and doing a couple of 360's in 50 tons of mean-ass machinery. Well. except for 1 thing. There was a Russian trawler anchored in plain sight that was rumored to be (and probably was) a spy platform for the USSR. So, i used the STAB-loc. That keeps the main weapon targeted regardless of changes in the position of the tank. Yes, I targeted (bore-sighted) the Russian trawler, and commenced with a field test from Hell. No matter what I did with the tank–the trawler was always kept in the Kill-Zone, immediate, type 1 ea. I am sure that if it was indeed a spy ship–I was noticed. I saw in the distance a small figure that appeared to be doing jumping jacks. I t was my Top (Master) Sergeant waving me in. So,

  8. montanalady says:

    Great God this manchild is going to leave the Country in shambles. They don't even care that we know what they are doing their arrogance is appalling.

  9. katgre2pw says:

    It's called being on the Down-Low, dig?

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