Obama’s Freedom of Unformation Act

by Doug Book

Just prior to taking office, Barack Hussein Obama’s transition team promised the incoming administration would create “a new level of transparency, accountability and participation for American citizens.”

Of course, that was before the Fast and Furious debacle claimed several hundred lives and exposed the perjury of an Attorney General.

It was before the Obama Department of Energy bestowed half-a-billion dollars on a bankrupt Solyndra Corporation, whose principle investor happened to be an Obama campaign money-bundler.

And it was also before another Obama campaign money-bundler used his influence to have the White House pressure a general into changing his testimony before a congressional committee.

So now,  unable to duck,  dodge, and hide from the citizen journalists who make up the blogosphere, and even fighting a losing battle against a select few members of the Regime-owned legacy media,  the Department of Justice has decided it is time to make it legal for the government to tell outright lies to the American public.

A proposed revision to Freedom of Information Act  (FOIA)  rules would allow federal agencies to LIE TO CITIZENS AND REPORTERS  seeking certain records,  telling them the records don’t exist. (Emphasis added.)

Under current FOIA rules, if a government agency wishes to deny a request for information it must respond to the party making the request by citing the “relevant exception” that allows the denial.

But under Obama’s proposed new rules for the legalization of prevarication and subterfuge,  a federal agency may  “respond to the  [FOIA]  request as if the excluded records did not exist.”

In short,  Big Brother may now lie to anyone it wishes,  claiming existing FOIA requested records do not exist. This frees the regime from having to respond to lawsuits filed by those nosy information seekers who have been denied their information. After all,  what court will allow a lawsuit to go forward if it seeks records that “do not exist!”

Could there be a more perfect example of the arrogance of the Obama regime or its contempt for the American people?  For if a lowly citizen should lie to the federal government,  it would mean jail time,  fines, and perhaps confiscation of property.

But the government lying to the people? Well, that’s just good business. After all,  what right have all of these little nobodies to waste the precious time or track down the lurid secrets of the ruling class?

Though it is hardly surprising that Barack Hussein Obama & Co. would demand the right to lie to the American people legally,  it is odd that groups like the ACLU should come out foursquare against the new FOIA rule. After all,  the organization had nothing to say about the three years of lies the regime has told already.

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.

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8 Responses to Obama’s Freedom of Unformation Act

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  2. ItsJo says:

    Well this is the “Muslim in Chief” doing what All Muslims are taught to do-”taquika(sp) in other words – LIE. It is “lying by omission to those who seek the FOIA and are told it does NOT EXIST. This man in our Whitehouse is truly “The Enemy Within” and is NOT to be
    trusted, as he has shown what a liar he IS, from day one. He said one thing when he was in
    campaign mode, then gets elected, and has done nothing but go against all the things he’s said. Just WHERE are the Congress, our SCOTUS or ANYONE else, who can rid us of this
    abomination? WHO will step in to STOP THIS LIAR IN CHIEF? WHO?

  3. Jimmie says:

    He said he wanted Hope and Change or Change and Hope – well to all you people who believe in fairy tales and voted for him. We’ve got it. Many can’t be blamed because they still believe in the press. Now that’s sad. His (not his first) but really big lie was his birth certificate. HUGE RED FLAG. Like sheep his constiuents jumped to his side. It’s been proven over and over that the one he came up with after 3 years isn’t real. He’s destroying America. He’s a Muslim – he is expected to lie to infidels.

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  5. Deanna says:

    I am appalled at this and the corruption I have been reading about and hearing about. I am also sad. I pray that the congress and house will take control and do what is right. Actually the only one that I know I can trust is God. In God I trust. I love my country. But the ones that can really do something about this mess, so far, has stuck their heads in the sand and they have refused. Pray, people, pray!

  6. Nita says:

    where is congress? what the heck are they doing? I really dont understand why no one is doing anything about this… I guess they thing it is ok for this to be happening here in america… God, please help the U.S.A. We need God back in this country.. the more they push God out, the worse things get… Its the devil showing his face……

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