Napolitano Opens the Borders, Shuts Down the Truth

by Joe Guzzardi

The House Judiciary Committee recently completed hearings that focused on President Barack Obama’s deferred action plan to grant amnesty to 300,000 aliens previously designated for removal. The aliens, in addition to getting a free pass back into the American mainstream will receive work permits. Border security was also on Chairman Lamar Smith’s agenda.

As she has done for months, Secretary Napolitano insisted that during the past two years apprehensions along the southwest border with Mexico have decreased by 36 percent. The White House equates fewer arrests with fewer crossing attempts, thus seemingly justifying Napolitano’s disingenuous statement this summer that the border is “safer than it’s been in decades.”

Napolitano also pointed to last year’s 400,000 criminal alien deportations, a total she proudly calls an ICE record. As for deferred action or so called prosecutorial discretion, scheduled to start within the next few weeks, Napolitano maintained that because of her agency’s limited resources, DHS’s prudent course of action is to prioritize deporting hardened criminals and release others.

The facts, however, don’t jive with Napolitano’s argument. Regarding southwest border security, the non-partisan General Accountability Office found that only 44 percent of the border is under “operational control.” That, countered Smith, allows nearly 500,000 aliens to enter the United States annually.

Concerning removals, Smith noted that no less an expert than President Obama admitted that the DHS statistics are “a little deceptive.” A Washington Post story found that DHS inflated its deportation numbers by including 20,000 aliens who left last year as well as several thousand “voluntary returns,” an option for deportees that avoids them appearing before an immigration judge and allows them to re-enter the United States at a future date.

Another salient fact that belies Napolitano’s dubious testimony is that worksite enforcement has plummeted during Obama’s tenure. From 2008 to 2010, administrative and criminal arrests fell by 77 percent and 60 percent, respectively, while criminal indictments and criminal convictions both dropped 66 percent.

Smith chided Napolitano for DHS’s refusal to provide specific information about illegal immigrants held on criminal charges including their names, the crimes they committed and whether some were later released back into communities.

If DHS fails to provide him with the details, Smith has vowed to issue a subpoena by next week.

As for the ICE audits of companies’ employment eligibility verification forms like the widely publicized Chipotle Mexican Grill incident, the GAO concluded that the ensuing fines are so low that they don’t deter future aliens’ hiring.

According to the GAO, some ICE officials think employers consider the nominal fines nothing more than the cost of doing business.

Smith challenged Napolitano about ICE agents’ instructions to ignore most illegal workers. Said Smith: “These illegal immigrants can simply walk down the street, knock on the door of another employer and take another job away from an unemployed American worker.”

During this period of sustained high unemployment, 9 percent nationwide but greater in states with large immigrant populations like California and Nevada, Smith is correct to hammer away at the jobs-immigration connection. With 22 million Americans unable to find a full time job, not a single alien should be employed.

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10 Responses to Napolitano Opens the Borders, Shuts Down the Truth

  1. Randy131 says:

    What Janet Napolitano is doing is against the federal laws of the US and can only be done by Congress legislating the approval for what Napolitano, under the orders of Obama, is doing. Who prosecutes those who hold federal appointed jobs that violates are laws? This is what needs to be done to Janet Napolitano, and put all the other federal appointees on notice that they need to start performing their jobs as mandated by our federal laws, and not obey illegal orders from those above them to violate our laws, or they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of our fedeal laws.

  2. Warlord says:

    Most of the heads of this administrations agencies should be prosecuted for failure to
    adhere to the constitution. They are in the drivers seat now,and under Obumma, they
    can flout the law, but it will come back to haunt them come 2013. It’s almost like they
    all come from the same John Murtha school of government. Executive pardons will be
    excluded for crimes against the people.

  3. Mike88 says:

    Unfortunately, we have nobody in Congress who currently has the courage to take a stand against Obama, Holder, Janet Napolitano, or any of his appointees and bring charges against them that are Prosecutable.
    Most people in Congress somehow think it is improper or unprofessional to actually charge a President or any of his appointees for the Federal Crimes or Offenses they have commited by ignoring Federal Immigration Laws.
    In reality though nobody is above the law and our Congress people should be Prosecuted as well for their Dereliction of Duty to hold the President and his appointees accountable and to Prosecute them for their actions or lack of actions.

  4. Jerry says:

    Napolitano and Obama suck. In 1954 The Great Pres. Eisenhower deported 4,000,000 illegal aliens with just 1,075 Border agents. He did this for our returning war Vets. Obama and Napolitano would rather deport our returning “WAR HEROES” than the illegal aliens. Our “WAR HEROES” don’t support Obama and the dummycrats, the illegal’s do. Why don’t Obama and Napolitano move to Mexico and leave our Once Great Country alone.

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  6. Henry Stumpf says:

    Napolitanois is a big part of the ENEMY from within !
    We must rid our country of Sebelious, Napolitano, Holder and obummer !
    They are taking our Country to Hell !

  7. when Napi was our Governess (az) she complained that Congress wasn’t helping Az with the invasion..then while she really is in charge she comes to Az and brags that the border has never been so secured.**that is a farce if I know one…liar liar liar, we have a corrupt President that also lies, covers up, protects the malfaisents including himself….no spine, no gutts, no cojones…empty suits.
    But we must get rid of B.O. and his accomplices, Napi , Norton, Holder etc… or else

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  10. Blair says:


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