Live Chat about the Election Results

To Join out ongoing live Chat about the election returns please click here to enter the post.

I then suggest you use the chat popout tool, this way you can chat and watch the live blogging and visit other interesting websites and we all celebrate the election returns together.

You can also join the discussion by calling skype user floydgbrown.

[chatroll width='450' height='350' id='rlKMqvqaCS6' name='floyd-brown' apikey='mqqdo3it2zax1yy1']

About Floyd Brown

Floyd Brown is a political innovator, writer and speaker. Time magazine wrote: “Brown has a stature among devoted conservatives that almost matches his physical heft (6 ft. 6 in. and 240 lbs.)”. Floyd has written for publications as diverse as the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Times, and His latest book is Killing Wealth/Freeing Wealth, published in 2010 by WND Books. Floyd writes a weekly syndicated column about politics, culture and the economy with his wife, Mary Beth Brown. Floyd also is chairman of the Western Center for Journalism
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3 Responses to Live Chat about the Election Results

  1. Susanne27 says:

    re 6:22 post: Woo Hoo!!!! : )

  2. ac5pw says:

    Just got finished with paperwork voted and waiting for the whipping to begin

  3. Susanne27 says:

    37 seat gain in house is good- what is the gain in the Senate?

    I'm from Rubio's State.

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