Left-Wing Blog: Should We Support Obama’s Impeachment?

by Ben Johnson

With Barack Obama’s crimes against liberty becoming increasingly brazen, calls for his impeachment have intensified. Although it is still rare to find support for impeachment on the Left, that trend may be changing. An entry at the far-Left blog Firedoglake.com openly questions whether “progressives” would be better off if impeachment hearings begin. The FDL entry asks:

Maybe we should help the Republicans impeach Obama?

Hang with me on this for a few minutes.  Let me try to explain.  I’m trying to think outside the box.

I think everyone knows that Obama will be impeached in the House.  I see some heads shaking, but trust me on this.  There will be a vote to impeach Obama in the House.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown have reported on the likelihood that the new Congress will consider impeachment. Read their column here. The FDL entry notes, “Dems in the House fully expect [impeachment] from the Republicans.” It continues:

“Impeach Obama for WHAT?” you ask.  Hey, Dems are not running the show, so it doesn’t matter what impeachment is supposedly based on.  I got a flyer from [T]he Conservative Caucus on pushing Congress on impeachment hearings and an eventual vote

You can read this author’s previous story about the 17-page impeachment package some 5,000 activists nationwide have received from the National Campaign for an Impeachment Inquiry, an undertaking of The Conservative Caucus (TCC) chaired by Howard Phillips. You can read the full text of the flyer here.

The FDL entry says the flyer is proof “the energy and drive for Obama’s impeachment is certainly there on the Right” — and suggests that same passion should take root on the Left:

OK.  If all of the above is true, how does this help progressives?  There is no way that impeachment gets past the Senate…But what if the Dems in the Senate decided to let Obama sweat during an impeachment trial? Could progressive in Congress ring concessions out of Obama for their votes during his impeachment trial? Would Obama renege on any concessions to progressives during the heat of an impeachment trial?  Could the possibility of an impeachment trial force Obama to change?

In a novel approach, the blog suggests impeaching Obama as a form of left-wing blackmail:

I bring all this up because I am frustrated as all of you are with Obama, and I am looking for any tool that will alter his behavior.  The only thing that seems to do the trick with Obama is power…Maybe letting Obama’s enemies give him a near death experience might force Obama to capitulate to progressives?

This entry is another in the explosion of media talk about, or calls for, impeaching Barack Hussein Obama. The interesting aspect of this call for impeachment from the Left is its innovative reasoning. It shows a growing chorus of Americans favor impeaching Barack Obama, albeit for conflicting reasons.

As I have noted on this website, Democrats interested in maintaining their political viability have many reasons to want to be free of ObamAlbatross. The Huffington Post has noted 2012 could be worse for Democrats than 2010 if an unpopular president heads the ticket. A recent Associated Press-Knowledge Networks poll found that 47 percent of Democrats and 29 percent of 2008 Obama supporters “said Obama should be challenged for the 2012 nomination” — a move that would virtually guarantee his defeat. Democratic insiders have begun a whisper campaign that Obama is becoming unhinged under the pressure of the office. And a Washington Post op-ed by two Democratic pollsters advising Obama not to run in 2012 touched off far more speculation than it should have for a politically healthy incumbent.

Although two years is a political eternity, Obama’s popularity seems likely to decline rather than rise. His closest insiders have noted he will not triangulate as Bill Clinton did. George Soros is threatening to dry up all money to Obama if he does not maintain a far-Left agenda. And the president is thankful for the left-wing cover to implement his extremist ideology through executive orders, regulations, federal fiats, and decrees.

This entry lends additional credence to this author’s contention that if Republicans muster the courage to impeach Obama, “a few Democrats might secretly support them, as well.”

About Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is the editor of several conservative websites. A seasoned journalist, he has broken a host of news stories of national importance and written sizzling editorials that started the nation talking. A former talk show host, he has been a guest on The Michael Savage Show, Nothing But Truth with Crane Durham, Crosstalk on VCY America, The G. Gordon Liddy Show, The Bob Dutko Show, and scores of local programs. The Managing Editor of FrontPage Magazine (2004-2010) and previously its Associate Editor (2003-2004), he is the author of three books. He maintains his own website, TheRightsWriter.com, which you can view here. You can contact him here.
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37 Responses to Left-Wing Blog: Should We Support Obama’s Impeachment?

  1. TaterSalad says:

    Time for a Gadsden Flag license plate from your state:

  2. freefalling56 says:

    My question is, if they impeach Obama and find that he is not a citizen, will we be stuck with his policies and entitlements?

    • hijinx60 says:

      If Obama is not a citizen, all laws, executive orders, treaties, etc. will be null and void because no one other that a natural born citizen can become president. If such is true, he could even be charged with spying and treason as a foriegn usurper to the office of president. I personally hope this is what happens. His father was a British citizen and at the least, Obama has duel citizenship. What worries me more is the fact that, if he is a Muslim, his true loyalties lie with allah and the Quaran and by their belief is that this is supreme and above all.

      • dandee says:

        No this I believe it will come to an Impeachment, I would like to throw in a note. When and IF it does happen, his name as Barack Hussein Obama AND Barry Soertero (spelling?) should be named on the impeachment. WE really STILL do not know the mans right name. Also, his ORIGINAL LONG FORM Birth Certificate must be shown in order for him to remain in the seat of the President of the United States of America. That is all we really need for him to stay in that seat, but WHY would he not show it, I MEAN the REAL one?

  3. joesixpack31 says:

    I don't want to alter his behavior. I want him out of the oval oriface. Impeachment is too slow a process. Forcing him to produce non-forged birth documentation would be faster. And if he failed, he could then be dragged out kicking and screaming, tossed into a cell at Guantanamo, charged with treason and espionage…along with his hundreds of enablers…tried, convicted and executed.

    • BillKay says:

      Yes absolutely .

    • madmemere says:

      joesixpack31-I've been advocating for the latter procedure, for the past year; not only should barry soetoro be dragged out, kicking and screaming, but every last one of his co-conspiritors and supporters, with him! That list of names is far too long for a single post, but starts with biden, pelosi, reid, soros, all the czars, every cabinet secretary and representatives, of both houses, who merely served as "obama rubber stamps"! My question is – -"Who has the authority to issue that order"?

  4. thisisit2 says:

    Obama needs to be impeached and removed from office. Bill Clinton was impeached and stayed in, why impeach someone if they stay in office and keep doing the same things?

  5. dfldee says:

    Nullification is bettter….all of his cabinet, czars, and crap laws would be nullified along with the horrid appointees he has crapped out

  6. Donnamohler says:

    I certainly hope they bring up impeachment-he can't prove his NBCitizenship-becaus he's not! Heck,HE COULD BE ANYBODY!!! impeach and remove!!!!

  7. marain says:

    I don't know what this would be called, but I believe there is some form of parliamentary procedure whereby the Republicans in the House could call for Obama to show his birth certificate or give reason as to why he refuses to do so. This makes it very public. It's my opinion that many of the Democrats would see this as a way to both get rid of Obama and make some points with the voters. There is no way Obama could ignore this. Then if he refuses to show his birth certificate, impeachment proceedings would be the natural outcome. Unlike Clinton merely screwed around after hours at the office, not be eligible to hold the office of President would require the ousting of Obama and probably make all his policies and Presidential orders null and void.

  8. marain says:

    If Obama were kicked out by a bi-partisan consensus, I'm thinking Biden would settle down and be a moderate President in the time he had left.

  9. bjcoop says:


  10. MarWell1 says:

    Nullification because of non-citizen is the quicker route to removal and void all of the laws and orders he has signed.
    Return and restore the fundamental constutional republic government as soon as possible.

  11. Oppline says:

    Obama's legibility question must be resolved first. It must be legally shown that he was not legally installed to be the President of the United States of America. Be it resolved that he is merely the acting president and not the president in legal fact than we would have an ipso facto resignation. Should Obama be able to squirm out of the legibility question then we could move against him with impeachment proceedings.

    But wait, there's more! Come this spring look for Hillary to quit as Sec. of State in order to become a candidate in the next presidential election. She and her husband will champion the cause to remove Obama from office and by peaceful means. The Clintons are masters in the politics of opponent destruction. Also, bear in mind that the big guy, George Soros, was backing Hillary in the last election and he as been showing interest in doing it again.

    • Angelicsweep says:

      The clintons have been laying in wait since obama jerked the presidency from under her. She has been too quiet. Does anyone think that hillary would be better than obama as far as trying to push the leftist agenda on us? Has everyone forgotten hillarycare?????? Both obama and hillary are as evil as evil gets. Have people forgotten Vince Foster? Has everyone forgotten all the lying and secretiveness in the clinton whitehouse? Have people forgotten that the chinese were allowed to “steal” classified information under the clintons? On top of everything else, I would be willing to bet that hillary KNEW obama was NOT eligible to be president but with all HER secrets he could expose, she was bought off. What is that little saying about a woman scorned????????? She is just waiting for the right moment to strike!

  12. real_patriot says:

    Impeachment is an OK objective I guess. I'd prefer trying him and Biden for treaon and state up front that having a public execution if guilty was the goal. . If THAT didnt put the fear of God and respect for the public into him and others, I dont know what would. I dont believe that these politicians truly understand the gravity of their service. Doctors and nurses and other professionals are sued for "mal-practice" why shouldnt politicians be prosecuted for acting in violation of the publics trust. Monarchs in Europe have been executed, these guys are certainly no better. Storm the Bastile I say.

  13. psutopgun1 says:

    Impeachment of Obama will not stop the radicals placed throughout the government. There must be a total purge of Obama and all his appointees. If allowed to continue issuing directives and executive orders, as he been doing to by-pass congress and the courts the damage will mount beyond repair by 2012. Drastic steps must be taken to remove these marxists from the government. Those sane Republicans will only be able to do so much when major change and reversal of this and past administrations must be repealed soon. The courts are a major issue too with nut jobs making up the law as they proceed.

  14. docboyer says:

    When the new Congress begins in Jan. 2011 I think impeacment is a definite possibilty. Sice crazy Nancy will no longer be the leader of the House, a Republican would become Vice President. I believe
    Obama will be a one term President—–he has become very unpopular. I doubt that he will be the Democrat nominee at the next Democrat convention. I also believe the public has finally awakened. Most of us now know his intention was to destroy America and make it a socialist state.

  15. CowboyHerb says:

    .He must be Removed so he is wiped out of history! And all his 'laws' and 'appointees' are null and void…A handful of sitting and ex-politicians, too, have called for impeachment. They are citing Barack Husseins refusal to close, or even protect our borders, and his offer of jobs to two Democrat senate primary candidates, bribes to get them to step aside for party-chosen hacks. When even politicians cant ignore the lawbreaking, you know it must be real and serious. Impeachment all his laws stay on the books .

  16. Auntimom says:

    Many of you are 'right on' and are educated about holding Obama and cronies responsible for the treason they are perpetrating upon our Beloved Country. Impeachment, even if successful, wouldn't necessarily hold him criminally responsible for all the destruction he's brought. Elena Kagan helped Obama hold off the inquiries about his 'long form birth certificate' and many judges have just said it's an 'inconvenience' to force Obama to prove who he is. But, why would he spend nearly $2M on keeping this info secret? His wife's records are also locked up. And why has every previous person running for the presidency either volunteered or it was part of the 'vetting process' all qualifying records? McCain just brought forth his info and was glad to be vetted. Why didn't the media insist on this for Obama? Guess we know the answer to that!
    I want this 'fraud' and all those who have perpetrated treason upon our Country to be held responsible for their actions and go to jail and fined. If Obama can be forced to prove his eligibility, which now looks like he can't, then every appointee, all legislation, etc. will be made null and void. This is the course we need to follow.

    • madmemere says:

      Antimom-No, to any jail time; this bunch has already cost the US far too much $$$; it should be US military arrest for high crimes and TREASON and all that logically follows! We hanged Benedict Arnold, in 1801, for defecting to the British. We executed the Rosenbergs, in 1953, for giving our nuclear secrets to the Russians. Barry soetoro and company, should be forced to "stand in front of a US military firing squad", since they have never stood "behind" them. All monies and properties, of the guilty ones, should be confiscated and turned over to the US treasury, to compensate for some "small part" of the cost of their damage to this country's economy!

  17. Irosin says:

    There is something that has stayed with me after reading a book many years ago. The book is "The Further Prophecies of Nostradamus", copyright 1985. In it, Nostradamus talks about the 3rd Antichrist. A few sections of the book that really struck me and is amazing at this very moment in time are on pages 194 – 211.
    The author speaks of " …a non-Christian leader, presumably of Moslem or Asian…" and another, "… the black and angry one shall make him repent his actions." another, " The rule left to two, they shall hold it a very short time. After 3 years and seven months have passed they will go to war. Two vessels will rebel against them: the victor then born on American soil."
    It is very scary how closely these statements relate to what is happening now.

  18. Raymond says:

    Friends don't let friends vote for democrats.

    Friends don't let friends marry muslims.

    Friends don't let friends vote for Obama.

  19. 05Magnum says:

    I seriously doubt the idiots in Congress will impeach Obama. I suspect, at the most, this is nothing but noise from a few in Congress, in response to all of the outcries they are receiving from the people. Lets face it, the people in Washington DC, have their own set of rules, that they go by, & for them the rules are "NO RULES". They lie, they pretend, they cheat, they steal, & do all of these things to line their own pockets, & if it hurts the USA & the working class, so what. Hopefully, most of the newly elected will stand their ground, & buck this warped system, however more of the incumbants need to be replaced.

  20. real_patriot says:

    For those with a Biblical bent, "Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord will see them through it all". The present difficulties may just be what some need to get on their knees for the first time. . Paul says in Romans 11:9 , "Let their bountiful table become a trap, a snare that makes them think all is well". Sometimes we, even as Christians, get "sucked in" by this world. Jesus said we are HIS enemies if we are friends of this world. Maybe this Obama tool is the cold slap in the face we need???? Any who've read Daniel or Revelation know how it ends. WE just dont want to be the ones in the modern Coliseum. Fun to read the "Left Behind" stuff. Different thing to BE there.

  21. real_patriot says:

    Joel Richardsons book, "The Islamic antichrist" is a real eye openner. It includes many quotes from the Qur'an or Koran with commentary from many Islamic scholars. No claim can be made that it takes anything out of context. The Koran not only excuses Lying but actually encourages it to further the cause of Islam. The two chapters on "Deception" and "Jihad" alone are worth the price of the book. Muslims REALLY believe this stuff too. many have never heard anything else. God BLESS Ravi Zacharias and his crew for bringing them the message of Hope. If we as Christians, live long enough we might get on Cable TV. Oh Goody…… The Coliseum Channel 24/7. We already have "American Gladiators". Just take the pads off.

  22. Shucksters says:

    Let's start tomorrow. Impeach the POS. Everything he has signed will be invalid. At the same time someone needs to arrest George Soros for TREASON, freeze all his US accounts (if he was stupid enough to have anyrhing in US banks) and the hangings could start next week. Lets get all this over before December 25th so we all can have a very Merry Christmas!

  23. Selma Soss says:

    Impeaching Obama isn’t even a matter of choice. It is a matter of saving the country. I am so glad to read the above comments, and also, to
    hear from many people, their changing attitude toward what has been happening.

  24. madmemere says:

    Truly, we're well beyond the need for impeachment (it's ineffective anyway, as evidenced by "slick willy's" performance); our real need is for US military arrest and justice!

  25. shoshanna777 says:

    Sources say that Obama instructed Raila Odinga to incite riots and burn churches when he did not win the election in Kenya in 08. That's what he did and it caused the deaths of thousands of innocents. Why are we surprised then to see riots happening all of the muslim world… and with the labor unions? Is this not the way of chaos, and is this not the man of chaos?
    Obama encouraged the Egyptians to riot…on National Television! I wonder, if Conservative Americans were to start rioting and have a "Day of Conservative Rage" and riot peacefully converging on the White House lawn and in Washington DC (I am NOT encouraging this, only musing) if Obama would go on National TV and encourage the people to riot. And, after the people had called for him to step down, like the Egyptians called for Mubarek to step down, would Obama go on National TV and demand that he and his posse step down? Hmmmm…. or, would he be like the crazy Qaddafi and start shooting his "own" citizens?

  26. shoshanna777 says:

    Obama should be impeached, should never have been elected, and is a reminder of what happens when you dance with the devil, and when the inmates start running the asylum! It just gets crazier and crazier. Obama will be re-elected in '12 because he will have the vote of the G/Lcommunity— which I believe is exactly why he has come out and made the statement that his administration will no longer enforce the laws concerning marriage. WE have to desire Righteousness and Truth and Justice and Freedom and Life and Liberty enough to live our lives accordingly, and to be willing to die for these too. If we repent of our sin as a Nation, and as a people, and if we call upon the One True God, the God of Abraham, then God will be merciful toward us and He will be our shield and our sword and He will come and restore our nation and He will fight for us in the face of our adversaries. Otherwise, we are doomed.

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