Impeachment is in the Mail

by Ben Johnson

Conservatives have long been waiting for impeachment to come to Capitol Hill. Soon, it will come to their mailboxes.

Constitutional conservatives around the country will soon receive a 17-page package from the National Campaign for an Impeachment Inquiry, an undertaking of The Conservative Caucus (TCC). The conservative watchdog organization bills the mailing a “national ballot of 5,000,000 registered voters” on “Whether Congress Should Launch An Impeachment Inquiry Into President Barack Hussein Obama’s Assault On Our Constitution.” It will include a survey and “Special Report” asking recipients to note whether they agree with each reason the report offers.

The left-wing Talking Points Memo announced the letter on its website today.

Founded in 1974, TCC is chaired by Howard Phillips. Phillips initiated impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton in 1994 – a full four years before Congressional Republicans got around to it. Now, he is turning his sights on Barack Obama.

The ballot begins:

The purpose of this survey of 5,000,000 registered voters is to show pro-freedom, pro-Constitutional members of Congress that there is broad public support for the new Congress to conduct a full Inquiry into whether President Barack Hussein Obama has kept his oath of office to faithfully “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”

If this inquiry concludes that he has not, Impeachment proceedings would then begin.

Those who receive the survey will get to answer, point blank: “Do you think the new Congress should immediately launch an Impeachment Inquiry into whether or not President Obama has faithfully protected and defended the Constitution of the United States, as required by his oath of office?”

The package reviews the Obama administration’s shameless and pervasive violation of the U.S. Constitution and its desire to remake our form of government. Rahm Emanuel vowed never to “let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.” The report continues, “Now we know what Rahm Emanuel meant by that statement. He meant that the Obama Administration planned to use the economic recession to permanently and fundamentally transform America.”

The nationalization of the health care industry is the most significant step taken to that end in a generation. Phillips shows that the bill is unconstitutional on several grounds, beginning with the mandate that Americans purchase health care insurance. He quotes a judgment the Congressional Budget Office made about HillaryCare in 1994: “A mandate requiring all individuals to purchase health insurance would be an unprecedented form of Federal action.” Then he quotes Judge Andrew Napolitano, who found the act unconstitutional because it commandeers the state legislatures, forcing them to pay for ObamaCare and regulate their internal state markets. The fraudulent accounting employed in ObamaCare and its establishment of 159 new government agencies – none authorized by the U.S. Constitution – give readers a panoply of reasons to reject the bill’s legality.

Both the executive and the legislative branches share responsibility for passing government-run health care – a bill that a strict constructionist court would strike down. However, the president alone bears responsibility for enforcing the law, something Phillips proves Obama willingly fails to do. In a section entitled “Obama Refuses to Enforce Laws He Does Not Like,” Phillips specifically mentions the president’s unilateral decision to waive accountability for labor unions. The law requires organized labor to itemize its expenditures and report conflicts of interest, but Obama – who is deeply indebted to Big Labor – has excused its fat cat leaders from doing so.

This section alone could fill a book. President Obama similarly fails to apply voter intimidation laws against the New Black Panther Party, federal deportation laws against illegal immigrants (including his Kenyan aunt), federal guidelines about mailing ballots to military voters to a number of states, requirements to purge the dead from the voting rolls nationally, and the U.S. Constitution to virtually any bill he has ever signed, endorsed, or proposed. Officials in his home state even look the other way when the first lady, Michelle Obama, openly violates state campaign laws by flagrantly electioneering inside a polling place.

A number of other reasons are given – although at 17 pages, the list seems merely the tip of an iceberg. These include President Obama’s plan to “seize more than 10 million acres of oil and natural gas-rich land in the Western United States by placing it under the ‘protection’ of the Department of the Interior.” (Phillips speculates this may be “the first step in an Obama plan to build a massive government-owned and operated oil and natural gas company.” Perhaps, but this author would have a hard time seeing Obama drill anywhere.)

The survey asks recipients if they agree or disagree with each aspect of the report in detail. Obama’s view that the U.S. Constitution “represents the fundamental flaw of this country that continues to this day.” He has institutionalized his constitutional philosophy in the activist justices he has nominated for the Supreme Court.

This reference is the key strength of the TCC report. The Constitution is the charter of our national government, and it empowers the Congress to impeach any president who refuses to abide by its limitations. Any president who steps outside its well-defined boundaries is a legitimate target for impeachment. No statutory criminal violations are necessary; if the president violates the Constitution, the Constitution enables the people, through their elected officials, to remove him from office.

No one makes this point better than Phillips, a three-time presidential candidate for the Constitution Party (formerly the U.S. Taxpayers Party). Phillips resigned the Nixon administration after Nixon promised to shut down the Office of Economic Opportunity, which Phillips headed. Long before others discovered the free-flowing spigot of federal largesse into left-wing groups like ACORN and La Raza, Phillips was fighting the good fight to end this – and all – unconstitutional spending. He has testified not only against the nomination of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court, but also David Souter – and the nation would have been better off had the Senate listened either time. Today, he continues his educational and political efforts. Additionally, his television program Conservative Roundtable is available in 32 states and on by demand on YouTube.

Phillips writes that this mailing will be the first of one million “Voter Education Letters per month to explain why an Impeachment Inquiry is needed and showing voters how to pressure their elected representatives in Congress to launch an immediate Impeachment Inquiry.”

The reason, he explains, is clear: politicians need to feel the fire. He acknowledges “even a conservative Congressional majority will be reluctant to begin impeachment proceedings without overwhelming public support. That’s why we must begin now to educate voters and build public pressure on Congress to begin Impeachment proceedings.”

That’s what Floyd Brown has said for years. That’s why he launched the website

Some did – and some still do – deride the notion of impeaching a commander-in-chief who is manifestly hostile to the constitution of the United States. In the opening months of Obama’s presidency – believing they had seen a political realignment against traditional conservatism – they counseled conservatives to shut up and be grateful the president had appointed “moderates”…like Hillary Clinton.

Others, like Howard Phillips and Floyd Brown, were not so blind, unscrupulous, or opportunistic.

In the intervening 22 months, Barack Obama’s criminality and disregard for the American form of government have become undeniable to virtually everyone.

Together, a growing chorus of conservatives, Tea Party patriots, and constitutionalists are calling for someone to finally face the consequences of violating the charter our Founding Fathers sacrificed so much to give to us and our posterity. Our campaign is succeeding. Rep. Darrell Issa plans a flurry of investigations in the new Congress. Even Jonathan Chait of The New Republic agrees; the Republican Party will eventually impeach Barack Obama.

Conservatives, constitutionalists, and patriots – it is up to us to keep the pressure on.

Watch your mail for the National Campaign for an Impeachment Inquiry. If you cannot wait to receive TCC’s survey in the mail, sign the Impeach Obama Petition. Better yet, do both.

America’s permanent “transformation” may hang in the balance.

About Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is the editor of several conservative websites. A seasoned journalist, he has broken a host of news stories of national importance and written sizzling editorials that started the nation talking. A former talk show host, he has been a guest on The Michael Savage Show, Nothing But Truth with Crane Durham, Crosstalk on VCY America, The G. Gordon Liddy Show, The Bob Dutko Show, and scores of local programs. The Managing Editor of FrontPage Magazine (2004-2010) and previously its Associate Editor (2003-2004), he is the author of three books. He maintains his own website,, which you can view here. You can contact him here.
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40 Responses to Impeachment is in the Mail

  1. jkwtrading says:

    impeach him and soon..try him for treason and if found guilty a capital punishment applied.

  2. jkwtrading says:

    the sooner the better he is impeached and removed from office. supporters of his should also be impeached if any covere dup his natural born citizenry..

  3. RevCarman says:

    YES! Hand Obummer his pink slip ASAP.

  4. Donnamohler says:

    I hope i get a petition in the mail-I'm a registered vote,that believes he needs impeached! All of his regime needs removed!!

  5. marain says:

    I would love to get this in my mailbox, but nobody ever surveys me for anything. I did sign the petition for impeachment, but I'd really love to be involved in this survey, too. If they do go after impeachment for Obama, they need to be sure they can nail him and GET HIM OUT OF THE OVAL OFFICE. Anything less will be a victory for him and for Marxists everywhere.

  6. Raymond says:

    A short spelling lesson :

    The last four letters in American……….I Can
    The last four letters in Republican…….I Can
    The last four letters in Democrats……..Rats

    End of lesson. Test to follow in November.

    Remember, November is to be set aside
    As rodent extermination month.

  7. billsankey says:

    My Republican Senator, Grassley, has said he will not support any impeachment of Obama. His claim to fame is Compromise.

  8. sk1951 says:

    I hope the R do what they say they will this time.

  9. NoSuchThingAsAn says:

    What a mess. It should never have even gotten this far. It's absurd that he was even elected. Look at this list:

  10. libertyczar says:

    Raymond : that is brilliant ! May I pass this lesson on to my friends?

  11. cdpinla says:

    I am thrilled that we will FINALLY have an opportunity to remove this man from office. He has stolen American's money and given it to his Muslim friends in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and elsewhere. He has insulted our allies (in the most horrid of ways) and the American people by refusing to salute our American Flag, wear an American Flag pin (until we screamed), placed his FEET on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, Apologized to the World about how horrid we are and NEVER PROVED HIMSELF TO BE AN AMERICAN BORN CITIZEN. I have sooooooo had enough. This man MUST go. This is one American who NEVER wants to pay for his secret service, any pensions he may feel he deserves – NOTHING!!!!! Pelosi and Reid are next to be impeached. Every Democrat and Republican that did NOT vet this man properly, deserves to be impeached. Let's start with this poor excuse for a POTUS and go from there.

  12. BillKay says:

    Go for it the sooner the better , and get everyone of them that committed FRAUD, PUT THEM AWAY FOR A LONG AND HARSH PUNISHMENT.

  13. Imaforgiven1 says:

    Don't think for one minute that he isn't working on making himself "Unimpeachable"!

    • Americaisbroke says:

      We will see about that!!! We do have a Supreme Court who also dislikes this "Cretan" by a 5/4 margin (Conservative Judges)….I'm sure judge Robert's would be eager to support whatever Congress wants done – and that includes *IMPEACHMENT*!!

  14. Charliesmission says:

    I'm in complete agreement. How can we impeach a crook who is not a legal President. That, in essence, is giving him the office of President and all the inherent benefits, thereof. He should simply be arrested for impersonating a President by claiming to be a natural-born citizen. Pelosi should go down with him for verifying that hoax. Then, all the bills signed by him are immediately defunct.
    Let's not "honor" him with an impeachment.

  15. RudyTX says:

    THANK YOU!!! I was WONDERING if anyone else in the whole damn world besides ME thought this! Not on the "how do you…if.." thing, but the fact that he IS illegal means yank him the HELL OUT OF THERE and put his ass in jail for TREASON, which by the way, carries with it a death sentence, I do believe. George Soros needs to be stopped from manipulating the downfall of the US…but I am not sure how you go about putting someone in jail who believes that they own and control the world as Soros does. ALL these dangerous nutjobs need to be done with in our society, so we can get back to NORMAL and get on with OUR lives, not letting "them" END our lives!

    • Angelicsweep says:

      Soros isn’t the only one, the Sandlins and the one who has Progressive insurance is another one who has been working lock step…or is goose step with soros. How many organizations is it that soros backs…over 500? Most are not obvious about their intent, so people have to extremely careful in what they sign up with. I would LOVE to get this survey! Do they still hang people for treason?

  16. boomerpatriot says:

    I certainly applaud and support your movement to impeach this lying, self-serving Socialist, but much prefer finding him "Ineligible". That process would null and void everything he has ever done savings us months, if not years of untangling this mess. (Congress moves so slowly) In addition, we could throw his Socialist posterior in jail for impersonating a government official along with a myriad of co-conspirators. I hope after this, Americans will demand to know who they are voting for at all levels.

  17. philpatana says:

    I have a certified copy of Obumma's Kenyan birth certificate complete with the name of the hospital in which baby Obumma was born his tiny little footprint and the signature of the delivering doctor. What else do we need to prove that he WAS NOT born in the USA? Thus with the facts at hand it appears that Obumma is guilty of fraud and ought to at a minimum do some serious time in the graybar hotel. In addition, since there are quite a number of co-conspirators it would appear that federal RICO (racqueteering) statutes would apply. Anyone wanting a copy of baby Obumma's Kenyan birth certificate, please feel free to contact me at or Skype me at userrname "philpatana".

  18. Raymond says:

    By Attorney Rees Lloyd
    October 15, 2010

    In the midst of the national debate over the military policy of “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” pertaining to homosexuals, there is now revealed an apparent attempt by the Obama administration to impose what amounts to a reverse “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” policy on heterosexual troops who speak in opposition to open homosexuality in their ranks and by their officers.

    More particularly, active duty troops are apparently facing express or implied threats under the regime of President Barack Hussein Obama that if they speak out against open homosexuality in the military, they should “get out” of the military.

  19. Raymond says:

    On this foreign money business, ladies and gentlemen, this much we know for a fact: There is all kinds of foreign money propping up Obama's spending policies. All kinds of foreign money is propping up his spending policies. Obama is borrowing money from the ChiComs; he is using that money to pay off his union buddies. I mean, let's be straight here. The communist Chinese are funding Obama's political operation. The communist Chinese are funding his slush funds. Union buddies, community activist buddies, massively expand the federal bureaucracy. This is not an empty accusation. This is demonstrably true. We are using money from communists to pay for Obama's spending. Everybody knows that they're one of the largest underwriters of our debt. And how has that debt been run up? On what is it being spent?

    • Americaisbroke says:

      Why is all this info NOT being presented to Congress and the Supreme Court??? I'm scratching my head about all this!!! What is going on???

      • Imaforgiven1 says:

        The name you chose for yourself says it all! Our government is not only broken, but deceitful and Godless too! The further Man gets from God's Wisdom, the more he turns to his own! You see what's happening to our country and the world, that's what Man's wisdom has done!

        • Americaisbroke says:

          We are in an out-of-control downward spiral that I NEVER thoughtI would see in this Nation…I think the true Patriots will ultimately win the day – for our survival!! <DIV></DIV> <DIV>Bruce McClarron,</DIV> <DIV>Giant Bargains Unlimited.</DIV> <DIV>Healthy Energy Products LLC.</DIV> <DIV>US Farms Inc. / SpecialAloeVera@gmail.comOffice: 520-204-1928Cell: 520-576-3514</DIV>—

        • Americaisbroke says:

          We are in an out-of-control downward spiral that I NEVER thoughtI would see in this Nation…I think the true Patriots will ultimately win the day – for our survival!! <DIV></DIV> <DIV>Bruce McClarron,</DIV> <DIV>Giant Bargains Unlimited.</DIV> <DIV>Healthy Energy Products LLC.</DIV> <DIV>US Farms Inc. / SpecialAloeVera@gmail.comOffice: 520-204-1928Cell: 520-576-3514</DIV>—

  20. tmt1102 says:

    Yes! Impeach the traitor! Then start investigating the crooks and put them all in jail. We didn't get 13 trillion dollars in debt by accident. It took a long period of time and a deep depth of corruption to carry it out. Washington needs a good douche by the voters.

  21. Raymond says:

    Obama says:
    Changes you had better believe in:

    - Gun Control.
    - Higher Taxes.
    - Bigger Government.
    - Socialized Medicine.
    - More Dangerous World.
    - More "Activist" Judiciary.
    - Sharia Law In America.

    Free men don't not ask permission to bear arms.

  22. TwinEagle3crows says:

    Impeaching Obama is fine but what do we do when the Muslim Brotherhood comes knocking on our front doors of our homes , what do we do then ? Do we take out guns and start killing them ? Our police forces in the country would be no match for these thugs of Islam with their road bombs like in Iraq or Afghanistan ….. What do we do then ?????

  23. A_wake says:

    I believe you are correct. How do you impeach someone who is not president? The only problem, as I see it, is to make enough people aware that Obama CANNOT lawfully be president. The GOOD thing is all the legislation he has signed is not valid as a matter of fundamental law; you also mention that in your posting. Since Obama is a foreigner, it may not even be possible to charge him with treason; you hit that point also. Impersonating an officer may be as good as any. Perhaps blasphemy, since he pretends to be a Christian and raised his hand as he gave his Oath to a GOD in Whom he clearly does not believe. High crimes and misdeamors against the people of the United States would not be difficult to prove IF you could get over the high wall of Masonic protection surrounding him.

  24. 05Magnum says:

    There is talk of impeachment, however don't bet on it. I have E-mailed many people in Congress, & asked them why they have not forced him(OBAMA) to prove he is a legal president, & received no answer from any of them. Mabey, just mabey, if enough Tea Party candidates get elected, something will be done, but don't count on the incumbants; most of them are gutless liars & crooks.

  25. Cicci_R says:

    Dear, dear TwinEagle3crows! What ever happened to "give me liberty, or give me death" ? PLEASE do not allow yourself to be too manipulated by "fear". Personally, yes…if the Muslim Brotherhood comes knocking on our front doors of our homes…we absolutely DO take out the guns and start killing. Why? Because if they come to your door, you can bet your behind they're not there for a 'friendly visit'. I might also add that you are correct in your statement that our 'police forces' would be no match for these thugs of Islam with their road bombs. What do we do then? Well, obviously…our 'police forces' would need to be helped by our 'military forces'. In turn…EVERY TRUE CITIZEN of our country will have to stand behind them and do whatever is necessary to retain our lives and freedoms. Something we all need to think about here is this….during Katrina….what went down…..the guns were collected and then the people were left to fend for themselves…that's the God's honest truth…ask anyone who was there. Not just that, but WHERE was their 'police forces' when this all went down. Ask them. They 'fled' because of the dangers to their own families as well as to themselves. This is really something to think about. We better hope and pray that if the Muslim Brotherhood ever starts knocking on doors….the police, the military, the special forces, the PEOPLE will ALL BAND TOGETHER. Remember…United We Stand? People can't go running off crazy trying to hide for they will seek you out and find you. Nope, I'm not, nor have I ever been in the Military (although it was a dream of mine once) but I HAVE been paying attention to the events over the entire world for a very long time. What if our forefathers had allowed fear tactics to overcome them? Where would we be today? There comes a time in everybody's life, regardless of how important or seemingly unimportant, that time might be, when "we have to stand for something". You know, I just don't think I would be able to fit in or tolerate any other kind of life that what AMERICA was based upon! What about you? God Bless AMERICA!

  26. ImpeachZero says:

    I believe that it is imperative to impeach this Muslim Communist
    If he is not impeached, then, once he leaves the office of the President, ALL his actions and policies will not be questioned nor will there be an ability to revisit and potential repeal them. People that he appoints and offices that he has created will not be questioned. ALL these things NEED to be examined. Those and offices created by the government official in the last 40 years. They need an examination for Constitutionality. Without impeachment this will be unlikely. Another issue is that AFTER he leaves the presidency, if not impeached, then he will be entitled to security and the PROTECTION of America. Look at Jimmy Carter. The damage that that man has done and will continue to do whilst having the full weight of the AMERICAN government and security behind him. Bush and Clinton are extremely powerful. This man is DANGEROUS, in office or out. Impeachment and punishment to the fullest extent of the law is what is required here. America demands JUSTICE not more LIP service. America wants to be treated like a lady and not a piece of tissue.

  27. ImpeachZero says:

    America should be treated like a lady. She deserve NOTHING less. We have nurtured and fed the world. We have outstretched our hands and lent a hand up to all down trodden. The reason the colors of the flag are red (blood), white (purity/nobility), and blue (justice) is because of the Justice given to all MAN that sheds blood nobly for America. American pride is not equated to arrogance. That is a lie just like all the political correctness is. They are lies, intended to destroy America. The Muslim threat in Obama is real. The Muslims, as far back as WWI, teamed up with ANYONE (any culture) that sought to destroy anything WESTERN or EASTERN (built on anything other than ISLAM). Muslims team up with all potential dictators, because it's easier to wrest power from few than it is from MANY. Once America becomes a Dictatorship or a small Oligarchical Tyranny it will be much easier for the Muslim to establish Shariah Law. When Shariah is established, then the rest falls in to place. They will WIN if Obama is not impeached and we if we don't make laws against SHARIAH's Totalitarian Theocracy.

  28. jpnagle59 says:

    I have been reading Floyd Reports, and I signed up on the Impeach Obama Campaign as one of the 1st. I am so happy to see it is growing…I cannot understand how Americans could ever have believed in Ovomit's agenda. I'm sorry, that is the only word I can use short of calling him a REAL dirty name- I just don't want to offend the dirty words I would use- dirty words have feelings also.

    Ok, I have established my hatred of this man. I am a disabled man, and I live in Waco Texas in public housing. I worked from the age of 13 and did not become disabled until I was 43, I'm now 51. I worked for years installing Bank Vault doors, and was hurt many times by heavy weights. I payed taxes, FICA, and all the rest.

    I tell you that, just to put introspective on how much I hate being disabled, and having to live under SSDI and Medicare. I am trying, for years now, to go back to work. Goodwill has turned me down 4 times, because I would have to be able to lift 50 lbs. I might have to help on their docks unloading things. I am/will be getting to the point, soon.

    I am a Republican, as all Americans should be. The public housing has a large population of Spanish and Blacks and whites.

    To try and do my part for America to stay American, I go and talk with the people around me about how bad it is getting with that man running our country.. With-out a doubt, almost 70% of the people here in public housing say they are going to vote for Ovomit because of all the good he has done.

    I try to explain to them the facts, and the numbers of the damage being done. Most don't care. They say he is getting them the help and monies they deserve, being in the low income like they are. I AM NOT A Prejudice Man. But I do find fault when 45 different people that live around me say- as long as they get their 'pay-checks' they will vote for him, and also because he is black. These 45 Americans I talked to were being payed under the table, collecting SSDI for their inability to work, and have been, in some cases, for 20+ years. They have Medicare, but un-like myself, they get huge offsets in State and Federal dollars to help them- to the point some pay nothing to the Medicare plan. They get meds free, food stamps- I could gone and on.

    One man was working under the table at a family restaurant, that does no business, but yet has 8 employees, and his earnings are around $30 grand a year. He is voting for the Ovomit because he is black. I have a college education and I can not figure out how to do this. I ask what about all the bad things being done? 'It don't matter, he is black…' he says.

    I don't get food stamps, help with my medical, nor free meds. I earn about $98 dollars on my SSDI more than meeting poverty standards that will allow me to receive more assistance. With Medicare part D for meds, I get some help, but fall in the 'doughnut hole' every year that makes me pay 100% for my meds.
    I drive a 18 year old car, can't get a new one, but those 45 people drive cars no older than 2002 models.

    And of course I hear how there are no jobs- this is true. But not for 20 years, I take care of a black women who worked for 68 years- she is 84- that has a good reason to be receiving her $275 dollars a month. She lives in poverty, she makes it work, but she has so little, I have so much, and the 45 people have more than I. I am not comparing anything here- just pointing out the real people who the system was originally set up for, and how the system really is. If you go back and look at the history- demigods (Democrats -check it yourself) have always messed it up for the real people who did their part, not the riffs.

    I say all that to stress the point of how a lot of Americans see all this 'legislation' will provide for them. Not the huge amount of monies it will cost, bankrupt some, and not one knows one thing about the issues. I call that being dumb. They don't care that 150+ new agencies will have to be created to manage all this stuff.

    And now I see the Ovomit people are getting more and more of the non-normal voters- the ones that never vote- to vote. It scares me.

    I am an American. I am a Marine, I have always voted. And I live in fear every day because of what has transpired since the Ovomit people took over. Oh, let us not forget it is the Republicans that got us in this mess- so they say. Every new, old, administration makes mistakes. But this one makes me afraid.

    Kinda got off the track there, sorry. The 17 page packet being sent out is a great idea. I hope i get it- no- please let me get it.

    I saw somewhere that Ovomit and his clan have mailed a packet out also, payed for with tax dollars. I cannot say anymore about that, because I don't have the right info, and I would be lying of I said more–

    Wait, I would then be like Ovomit if I did so…James…I'm afraid, truly afraid…

  29. amosenon says:

    I know I am getting to this very late, but please keep me in mind for any petitions, questionaires, etc… that are being mailed out regarding the undocumented worker in the oval office. I will gladly participate in any way I can.

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