Herman Cain Says Obama’s Impeachment Would be “A Great Thing”

by Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

Another Republican presidential candidate has signed on to the impeach Obama movement. Politico reported today that former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain has said impeaching President Barack Obama “would be a great thing to do.”

Cain made his comments during a conference call with bloggers on Tuesday evening.

The long shot candidate said he believed impeachment would be unlikely to occur “because the Senate is controlled by Democrats,” so Republicans “would never be able to get the Senate first to take up that action, because they simply don’t care what the American public thinks.”

He described Democratic control as the main “stumbling block in terms of getting [Obama] impeached on a whole list of things, such as trying to pass a health care mandate which is unconstitutional, ordering the Department of Justice to not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act — that’s an impeachable offense right there. The president is supposed to uphold the laws of this nation.”

His rival, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, similarly warned Obama of impeachment over his refusal to enforce DOMA. Gingrich quickly moved to reverse himself, saying, “impeachment is clearly not an appropriate action.” Cain earned nearly four-times the number of votes as Gingrich in last weekend’s Ames Straw Poll.

Earlier this month, Jon Huntsman refused to rule out impeachment over the president’s war in Libya.

Despite media opposition, Cain’s position should do him no harm in the polls. According to a survey taken by Public Policy Polling, 60 percent of self-described Tea Party members and 48 percent of Republicans support impeaching Obama.

Impeachment has been in the news steadily this summer. Rep. Tim Scott of South Carolina scolded Obama that side-stepping Congress to raise the debt ceiling would be “an impeachable act.”

Last Monday, Congressman Michael Burgess of Texas told a Tea Party meeting impeachment “needs to happen.”  (Read Ben Johnson’s exchange with liberal media in Burgess’ district: “Barack Obama deserves impeachment.”)

As Obama’s approval ratings continue to decline, more Republicans will find the courage to live up to their oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Click here to learn more about the Impeach Obama Campaign. Click here to sign the Impeach Obama petition.

About Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is the editor of several conservative websites. A seasoned journalist, he has broken a host of news stories of national importance and written sizzling editorials that started the nation talking. A former talk show host, he has been a guest on The Michael Savage Show, Nothing But Truth with Crane Durham, Crosstalk on VCY America, The G. Gordon Liddy Show, The Bob Dutko Show, and scores of local programs. The Managing Editor of FrontPage Magazine (2004-2010) and previously its Associate Editor (2003-2004), he is the author of three books. He maintains his own website, TheRightsWriter.com, which you can view here. You can contact him here.
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7 Responses to Herman Cain Says Obama’s Impeachment Would be “A Great Thing”

  1. Josh says:

    You should be aware, as should Cain that it’s up to the House to initiate impeachment proceedings. The Senate holds the trial. As the Senate is controlled by the Dems, he’s unlikely to get impeached. But the Repubs in the House could still try and therefore cause more problems for Obama.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cain is one gutsy guy; and has certainly earned my respect!

  3. Natan and Maxine Gridi says:

    Re: Cain is one gutsy guy; and has certainly earned my respect!

    Actually, I’m not anonymous; I just forgot to include my name! Sorry!

    • Albert W. L. Moore, Jr. says:

      Omitting a routine step sounds like something I would do.
      Those who rushed to vote for Obama to gain bragging rights for voting for the first African American President need to demand congressional investigation of Obama, which will show that he is :
      - not his father’s son
      - not his mother’s son
      - not African
      - not American
      - not President
      - not an enemy agent; strike that.
      Elect Herman Cain as the first true African American President, a natural born U.S. citizen who never lost U.S. citizenship, can verify he’s African American by his real, original birth certificate confirmed by genetic analysis, and by his patriotic words and actions.

  4. Albert W. L. Moore, Jr. says:

    If House investigation is truly complete, even a Democratic Senate will likely convict and remove.
    Disclosure is as important as impeachment, and increasingly urgent.
    Democrats need full disclosure to decide whether to re-nominate Obama. Evidence will probably show he has no African parent, lost U.S. citizenship in acquiring and exercising Indonesian citizenship, and bears true faith and allegiance to the Comintern, not the U.S.
    Election officials of the various states, when applications for ballot listings are submitted, will not have the time or resources to investigate Obama’s eligibility.
    Congressional fact-finding can be more important that legislation.

  5. Scott says:

    One thing we may all be forgetting, if Obeyme is impeached, doesn’t that leave the blithering idiot Biden to take over?

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