Everything You Need to Know About the Debt Deal

by Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

GOP 2012 Contenders (Except Huntsman) Oppose Debt Deal, Blame Obama – CBS News.

Michele Bachmann: If We Pass Debt Deal, “We Embrace Being Greece” — CNSNews.com.

Ron Paul “Strongly Against” Debt Deal – The Daily Caller.

Tim Pawlenty: Debt Deal “Nothing to Celebrate” – Politico.

Mitt Romney Rejects Debt Deal, Says It Could Lead to Higher Taxes – The Huffington Post.

Rick Perry Opposes the Deal – Politico

Gary Johnson, Deal Just “Kicking the Can Down the Road”.

Rick Santorum Opposes Deal, Says Obama “Never Led” – WQAD.com.

Newt Gingrich (Votes Present But) Says Debt Deal “Is Not a Solution” – The Daily Caller.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz a No Vote on Debt Deal; Sen. Mike Lee likely no – The Daily Herald.

Rep. Justin Amash Likely to Vote No – The Grand Rapids Press.

Debt Ceiling Deal Guts Defense Spending to Pay for Politics – Kim Holmes, Heritage Foundation.

President’s Debt Ceiling Agreement A Raw Deal for National Security – James J. Carafano, Heritage Foundation.

Even the Fakery is Fake: Joint Committee is Not Required to Recommend $1.5 Trillion in Deficit Reduction – David S. Addington, Heritage Foundation.

Budget Deal Doesn’t Cut Spending – Chris Edwards, Cato Institute.

Yes, There’s a Real Threat of Higher Taxes – Daniel Mitchell, Cato Institute.

Oh yeah, The Progressive Caucus and Black Caucus Oppose the Deal, Too – Raw Story.

About Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is the editor of several conservative websites. A seasoned journalist, he has broken a host of news stories of national importance and written sizzling editorials that started the nation talking. A former talk show host, he has been a guest on The Michael Savage Show, Nothing But Truth with Crane Durham, Crosstalk on VCY America, The G. Gordon Liddy Show, The Bob Dutko Show, and scores of local programs. The Managing Editor of FrontPage Magazine (2004-2010) and previously its Associate Editor (2003-2004), he is the author of three books. He maintains his own website, TheRightsWriter.com, which you can view here. You can contact him here.
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