Eric Holder’s Admission? DoJ “Does Not Enforce the Law on the Basis of Race”

by Ben Johnson

Attorney General Eric Holder had something of a meltdown on Capitol Hill today when a Republican Congressman pressed him on his preferential treatment of the New Black Panther Party. Rep. John Culberson, R-TX, read a statement from a Democrat calling the Black Panthers’ actions the worst case of voter intimidation he had ever seen. In response, Holder huffed that, while the Panthers’ nightstick-wielding threats were “inappropriate,” the assessment was demeaning to “my people.”

Perhaps more important than his admission that he does not see the American people as “his people” is a line he uttered shortly afterwards.

After Culberson cited “overwhelming evidence that your Department of Justice refuses to protect the rights of anybody other than African-Americans to vote,” Holder stated, “This Department of Justice does not enforce the law on the basis of race.”

Holder intended this as a denial, but it seems more like a Freudian admission.

After all, it is precisely what Holder’s Justice Department stands accused of, not enforcing the law on the basis of race.

Not only conservatives but Democrats such as Bartle Bull and apolitical observers who cannot deny what they see with their own eyes recognize that the Black Panthers’ voter intimidation was an open-and-shut case, and that the Obama administration refused to enforce the law because the perpetrators are black and the victims are white. Former head of the Justice Department’s Voting Rights division Christopher Coates, division attorney J. Christian Adams, and four other employees have spoken of the department’s hostility to enforcing the law against minorities.

Culberson pressed Holder for obstructing the Civil Right’s Commission’s investigation. However, it seems others will prosecute the case. Rep. Lamar Smith wrote a letter to Holder in January stating, “Allegations that the Civil Rights Division has engaged in a practice of race-biased enforcement of voting rights law must be investigated by the [House Judiciary] Committee.”

Holder’s race-based enforcement of the law would be open to conjecture if the Black Panther case were the only evidence. But it seems on every front, the Attorney General — and the president — overlook minority lawlessness.

If you are Hispanic and in this country illegally, the Obama administration will not only not enforce immigration law but prevent other governments and responsible law enforcement officials from doing so.

If you are black, American Indian, female, or Hispanic, you do not have to provide meaningful proof that the Department of Agriculture discriminated against you before claiming a $50,000 payoff. When one of the lawyers representing black “farmers” admits he knew of “hundreds” of cases of fraud, it only encourages Obama to press forward with a similar plan for other minority fraudsters.

The administration will refuse to purge dead or ineligible voters from the rolls. But Obama will send the feds to threaten local officials who dare ask voters to prove they are American citizens. The message: If you are an Hispanic who wants to vote, you don’t have to comply with the laws that assure your eligibility. (Eligibility is something of a sore issue for Obama, anyway.)

All of this ignores Affirmative Action, set-asides, and “hate crimes” laws, which assure the same standards of justice are not applied to all citizens equally but discriminate against the majority of Americans while benefiting certain others on the basis of race.

Holder’s audacious admission-masked-as-denial marks a new low in federal disregard for equal justice under law. This kind of discrimination on behalf of heavily Democratic constituencies violates the basis of our system of justice and must be brought to an end.

About Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is the editor of several conservative websites. A seasoned journalist, he has broken a host of news stories of national importance and written sizzling editorials that started the nation talking. A former talk show host, he has been a guest on The Michael Savage Show, Nothing But Truth with Crane Durham, Crosstalk on VCY America, The G. Gordon Liddy Show, The Bob Dutko Show, and scores of local programs. The Managing Editor of FrontPage Magazine (2004-2010) and previously its Associate Editor (2003-2004), he is the author of three books. He maintains his own website,, which you can view here. You can contact him here.
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25 Responses to Eric Holder’s Admission? DoJ “Does Not Enforce the Law on the Basis of Race”

  1. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    Be real. That whole farce of an administration, from the joke INSULT in office, and his wife are race biased! And we all knew it from day one of the start of the contest for office! It don’t take a college education to figure that out! Actually, my cats and dogs are smart enough to have figured it out! Holder is an insult, an affront to the intelligence and dignity to any true patriot of an American, and so are the rest of these freaks of nature sitting in offices of power. They were corrupted BEFORE gaining such power, and it has only corrupted them more so. That is, if it is possible TO corrupt such already CORRUPTED INDIVIDUALS! The black panthers give a nasty taste to the mouths of anyone with a sense of fairness, and no racisim in them, and cause a nonracist person to become one! Each time anyone disagrees with a thing they say or do, we are called “racist”, because they have no other excuse at hand! If anyone is racist, it is them and their cohorts who distort the Constitution and the RIGHTS OF ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE, those being of ALL races of this country!!!! To hear it from their lips, one would think that America is the ONLY country who EVER HELD SLAVES! We are not, and if a one of these fools knew history of the whole world, SLAVERY HAS BEEN A PRACTICE OF ALL NATIONS!!! Almost every race down through time has been in captivity, slavery, at one time or another. And, if anyone in this country should get the vote, it would be, in all fairness, the American Indian, the FIRST NATURAL AMERICANS! Of all people in this country of many nationalities, the Native Americans deserve it, and most certianly would appreciate it more than any other race, color, breed, or nationionality! As far as the rest are concerned, they can all pack up their crap, and go to the country of their origin and with my boot in their asses! I have run out of patience with them all, whiny ungrateful thugs and losers that they all are. And any black american who wants to call themselves an “African American” does not deserve to live here. You are AMERICAN, or you AREN”T. And if you want to be African, then go be African! Stop playing on the “sympathies” of the very ones who care not one whit about you, only what you can do for them to further their selfish cause. After you have helped them attain their goal, they will throw you out like so much garbage! For that is all you really are to them! Garbage! To be used, and then trashed! How much has any politician really helped any one, ANY BLACK OR ANY OTHER RACE AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN USED?

  2. RichardCancemi says:

    This Administration is a disgrace. There is lots of talking and complaining, but when will someone take action to prosecute these lawbreakers? They are implementing laws and imposing regulations by "imperial" decree. The various bureaus act like the gestapo with their application of what these hooligans in the Government decide they want to do to America and its citizens!

    America was not founded as a Socialist Country, yet these hooligans have decided that is exactly what America should become. And, they would have us give up our independence and subsume this Country into a world order under a United Nations Flag. This is treason!

  3. jimtibbs says:

    What does it take to fix this mess with Holder, and the illegal president. Just imagine, if and when oblunder is brought up on fraud, for assuming the role of president, Holder will be the one to try his case. If he is still in office, but I think Oblunder will throw him under the bus.

  4. Raymond says:

    Holder is a flaming racist.

  5. Charlyn says:

    The double standard in our great nation is dispicable!! If the black panthers were white panthers, they would be in jail right now! It is time for the American people to take our country back. Racism will never cease to exist because of people like Holder, Obama, Sharpton. Isn’t it about time the chip gets removed from their shoulder? I am quite certain this is NOT what Martin Luthur King’s dream was about!

  6. jparchery02 says:


  7. JohnLadd says:

    Even the sensible democrats know this administration is racist and refuses to enforce the laws so why are the democrats and republicans alike acting like cowards, afraid of offending this administration, instead of impeaching the lot of them and sending them to jail where they belong?

  8. Joanne1348 says:

    Here's a little question…….

    WHAT WILL IT TAKE for Congress to start PROCEEDINGS against Holder, Obama, ETC??? Honestly how bad does it have to get?! I HOPED that after the mid-terms we might actually see appropriate actions taken to reign the progressive, liberal, commie, and obviously RACIST officials that have a strangle hold on the U.S. So WHY isn't it happening?

    Is there really SO MUCH estrogen in the American diet that ALL the REAL MEN (and women!) in America have turned into little girls? WHAT ever happened to COURAGE and MORALS in our government?

  9. silverfox3243 says:

    ERIC HOLDER is right, not only is he a "RACIST" just like "OBAMA", the DOJ doesn't uphold or enforce the law based on RACE; the DOJ only enforces the law when "OBUMMER" wants it enforced!!!!!

  10. madmemere says:

    Holder stated the "assessment is demeaning to my people" – -then, hypocritically claiming the law is not "enforced on the basis of race"! Can he honestly believe America doesn't see right through him?? It's certainly "no secret" who he considers "his people" to be!! Talk about a "racist" – -he needs to be removed; further he needs to be tried for espionage and treason, right along with barry and george s. By the way, lower case IS intentional.

  11. paddy0071946 says:

    I keep saying: forget the impeachment. Just go directly to go and begin the trials for treason. I believe that the final result after convictions will be to place these criminals in front of firing squads. Think of much money this will save us taxpayers and of course all the time that would have been wasted listening to these liars. It will the fastest way to end the daily treasonistic acts and then we can start to repair all the damages Obammy/Holder have caused.

  12. Deepizzaguy says:

    Talk about abuse of power. Revenge does not cure problems. It worsens them. Eric Holder is a disgrce to his job as attorney general. How would he feel if a member of "his people" attacks him or his loved ones? God forbid that will happen to him. Payday is coming for the Obama adminstration.

    • RichardWagener says:

      One thing we all have to admit, Holder fits like a glove that fits perfectly in with the rest of this bunch of these anti American losers. They are all peas in the same pod. Can anyone name just one good American in this administration, that puts this country and it's people, over Obama and their own miserable love of power?

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  14. ridge runner says:

    I am asking the same questions that it seems every one else is asking what in the HELL is wrong. Why in the HELL hasn’t these bunch of mis fits and out right thives been removed from the white house.Is it because the congress we elected is as bad as they are or they intimadated by them or maybe by some thing we don’t know about.If it is intimadition then there should be enough of us to take care of that. These people need to be removed as soon as possible.

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  17. gene willis says:

    because we are no longer a nation.and thats what all these self hating white liberals and jew owned media wanted.this nation has found out what a black person in power over this country will we as americans want to elect the same in 2012?spin the bottle and find we dump obama for anothere possible black racist in 2012?the jew media will diffanitly want just that.

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