Don’t Betray Us, Mr. Boehner

by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown

Mr. Boehner, keep up the fight. The American people do not fear an Obama veto, or the specter of a government shutdown, or the slanderous words of Progressives (and their allies in the lame-stream media) that are spending this country into bankruptcy.

We need a leader, a real leader. One who will stand defiantly, like a colossus, in the maelstrom.

We need a leader who does not say things like; “We control one-half of one-third of the government. We can’t impose our will on the Senate.” Those are the words of a loser. Those are not the words of a fighter.

You, Mr. Boehner, hold the cards. You control the House. And that means that nothing, repeat, nothing passes without your consent. Your House of Representatives proposes spending legislation according to the US Constitution.

And if Harry Reid and Barack Obama don’t like what you propose, if they don’t like the legislation that comes out of the House of Representatives then that’s just tough. That means nothing they want to get done goes through either, not without your consent. That means that their agenda is dead-on-arrival too, and that’s just fine by the American people.

Dick Morris said it best Mr. Boehner:

Speaker John Boehner said there would be no government shutdown. That’s like robbing a store with a gun, but announcing at the outset that you won’t use it. He is throwing away all of our leverage and seems headed for a “compromise” that will betray his weak position. If the Republicans don’t shut the government down now, when will they? Over the debt limit? The 2012 budget? They won’t ever do it. We need to make sure all our Republican Congressmen keep their campaign commitment to us and back the full $61 billion of spending cuts! Every penny! No retreat!

In another post, earlier that same day, Morris wrote: “If House Republicans accept a “compromise” of less than $61 billion in budget cuts, it will demonstrate that they will never really make good on their sole bargaining chip – a government shutdown. If they don’t do it over the continuing resolution (CR), they won’t do it over the debt limit or the 2012 budget. … they will throw away all their power and be revealed as toothless and impotent, though still noisy. In this one act, they will throw away the victory of 2010.”

In those two statements, Morris summed up exactly why we must fight tooth-and-nail. And Morris should know. He was, after all, the man who strategized for Bill Clinton during the shutdown of 1995. He played for a different team back then and he knows how the game is played.

And so, we say to you, Mr. Boehner: Do not waiver. Do not “compromise,” and do not flinch. If you do, you betray the people who elevated you to the position of Speaker of the House.

When the American people told you to stop ObamaCare and stop the Obama-Reid spending spree, they were deadly serious.

The $61 billion in cuts that was initially proposed by the House was pathetic. For far too long the American people have put up with inadequate and insufficient rubbish. Hindsight is 20/20, but would it not have been spectacular if our GOP leaders initially put $500 billion, or $1 trillion, or $1.5 trillion in cuts on the table.

The Associated Press wrote was told by Rep. Allen West, R-FL: “In light of a government report suggesting duplications in federal programs cost up to $200 billion, even $61 billion in new cuts seems piddling, said Rep. Allen West, R-Fla. … What does that say to the American people?”

It is time to draw a stark contrast between the competing visions for America’s future.

About Floyd Brown

Floyd Brown is a political innovator, writer and speaker. Time magazine wrote: “Brown has a stature among devoted conservatives that almost matches his physical heft (6 ft. 6 in. and 240 lbs.)”. Floyd has written for publications as diverse as the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Times, and His latest book is Killing Wealth/Freeing Wealth, published in 2010 by WND Books. Floyd writes a weekly syndicated column about politics, culture and the economy with his wife, Mary Beth Brown. Floyd also is chairman of the Western Center for Journalism
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7 Responses to Don’t Betray Us, Mr. Boehner

  1. Virginia Ghent says:

    How do we get Mr. Boehner to listen to us? We must not back l down and if all were well we would get Paul Ryan’s budget through…I am afraid the House Speaker backed down…if obama wanted to hold out military hostage then the whole world would have know it…down the slippery slope ..the camel had his nose in the tent

  2. Put a line in the sand an stand FRIM. An tell Obama an Harrey Reed the the Party is OVER . A Voter in Mich the

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  5. Sean Powers says:

    In my opinion, Mr. Boehner, with his last vote not to cut $61B was a total sell out that may cost the presidential election in 2012. Obama and his minions are marxist that want to destroy this country. Obama is conducting his own personal jihad against this country and all we stand for. The next vote on raising the debt ceiling will tell us if Boehner is more than just a sell out but a marxist rebublocrat. I’m tired of this!!! Dancing with the devil has real consequences. Our country and the opportunities of future generations are at risk. Trump is the only one that is show real balls to stand up to this thug of a president. Enough now!!! STAND IN THE FACE of THE HURRICANE of MARXIST CHANGE and vote NO on raising the debt ceiling – you bunch of pansy fake conservatives. It is a disgrace.

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