Did Big Sis’s Anti-Gun Policies Kill an ATF Agent?

By Doug Book, CoachIsRight.com

On December 14th, Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed in an Arizona border shootout, presumably with Mexican illegals. Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano eulogized him a week later, saying “he put service before self, which is the mark of heroism.”  After the Arizona shootings, the Left gleefully blamed conservatives from Palin to Rush and pushed new gun legislation of all kinds. But although Big Sis herself flew to the scene of Terry’s death, took over the investigation, promised justice and quick action and later presented his eulogy, the legacy media and liberal politicos throughout the nation have fallen silent. No one has been blamed, no new gun legislation has been demanded.

In fact, the ATF-proposed Long Gun Registry for the border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas; supported by liberals everywhere; and to have gone into effect on January 5th has been suddenly discarded. The funding necessary to implement the program has been refused the ATF by the White House Budget Office.  So what happened? Why has this crisis been permitted to go to waste?

In 2005, the ATF created Project Gunrunner “to stem the flow of firearms into Mexico and to drug gangs.”  But there is one small problem. In spite of the contentions of Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” and other gun control groups which claim that 90% of Mexican “crime guns” originate in the United States, there is no massive flow of firearms into Mexico from the U.S. So, “to justify the existence of the ATF’s Project Gunrunner…and thus the agency itself…the ATF stands accused of letting buyers purchase rifles in the US, knowing that the guns were headed for Mexican drug cartels. Worse, they may have literally walked the guns into Mexico themselves.”

Whistleblowers at the ATF have informed Senate Judiciary Committee member Charles Grassley, R-IA, that gun stores in Arizona and Texas were told by the ATF to sell weapons to known straw buyers for transport into Mexico. A letter from Grassley to acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson states: “Members of the Judiciary Committee have received numerous allegations that the ATF sanctioned sales of hundreds of assault weapons to suspected straw purchasers who then allegedly transported these weapons throughout the southwestern border area and into Mexico.” And the kicker: “two of the weapons were then allegedly used in a firefight on December 14, 2010, against Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents, killing agent Brian Terry.”

So the ATF instructed gun stores in border states to sell weapons to known straw buyers for Mexican drug cartels and helped make certain the weapons reached their intended Mexican owners. And this happened to make sure the agency would receive the funding necessary to prevent the sale and transportation of arms to Mexico? Incredible!

Does all of this explain why the names of those arrested in the Terry murder case have yet to be released? Why charges have yet to be filed? Why facts about gun tracing reports from the murder scene have not been made public? Why the Long Gun Registry demands of the ATF have been swept away? Why Janet Napolitano changed her schedule, raced to the scene of the crime and then to Michigan to deliver the eulogy for Brian Terry? Why Andrew Traver’s installation as the new head of the ATF is on hold, as the administration would presumably not want a televised hearing bringing up the Terry killing and the ATF’s possible involvement? Here’s hoping Senator Grassley will answer all of these questions.

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http:// www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/news/articles/2011/02/01/20110201phoenix-gun-store-atf-sting-border-shootout.html

This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.

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24 Responses to Did Big Sis’s Anti-Gun Policies Kill an ATF Agent?

  1. Shucksters says:

    The behaviour of the ATF continues to become more criminal. How can we as law abiding citizens condone an agency like this?
    If obama keeps insisting to shove thugocracy down our throats, maybe we need to do an "Egypt" on him.

  2. hijinx60 says:

    Napolitano is a disgrace to the office of head of Homeland Security. I realize the problem, but her actions concerning allowing straw purchases is totally wreckless. This has led to the death of agent Terry, but who knows how many others that aren't reported ? The claim that this is a way to trace the weapons is laughable considering that they can't keep up with those crossing the border illegally. When a farmer detained at gunpoint a group of illegals, the illegals sued the farmer and WON!!! This may cause others like him to shoot and kill in "self-defense."

    • Angelicsweep says:

      Someone has to stand up to them and if killing them first is the answer…then so be it! So far, we STILL have the RIGHT to defend ourselves! The courts damn sure are not going to do it!

  3. celticwaryor says:

    Shucksters: In my opinion, we have already done an "Egypt" on dumbo. In his speech, I think it was the one he made at a Wisconsin university, where he made the statement that the young people of Egypt have spoken out against a government they felt has not heard the call from the people. That's what the Tea Party is all about…addressing grievances about – and to – a government that isn't listening to the people. I guess dumbo just hasn't been watching the news!

  4. weRscrewed says:

    Just more proof that Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security the ATF and FBI all need to be reigned in. The only terrorists the american people face are our own Government.

  5. Alton says:

    Surely this not surprise anyone. How many times has the gov done such as this? And when some one tries to expose them they are called all sorts of names. And the people continue to believe everything is ok, and the gov would do nothing to hurt someone.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    Janet Napolitano is a waste of a human being breathing good air.She's a shill of Obuma and Holder and when she claimed to have riden on horses the border was she carrying the horse or did they get her a clydesdale because old fat a$$ could get on one.Obuma claims Hosni Mumbarak was a dictator what the hell is he.ig ears and purple lips praised the eygptian prtotest but called our Tea Party People trouble makers.What a two faced phoney

  7. possum73 says:

    The whole entire gov't. is not only broken, but CORRUPT!! I remember a story I heard about the OKC bombing, wherein all the ATF agents on the top floor of the Murrah Federal Bldg. were not there that day. How convenient! When you have major corruption at the top, i.e, we still really don't know anything about BHO, where he was born, his school records, why does he have a SSN from the State of Connecticut, on and on and on. When the corruption is at the top, then it just filters down to all the rest of the scum that value their jobs and their paychecks over patriotism. I know BHO wasn't prez when OKC bombing happened — but may I suggest that the corruption only gets deeper and deeper as time goes on. When will somebody (Issa???) look into BHO background and let's start fumigating the govt. starting with the WH.

  8. beepster says:

    They were wrong in the assessment that 90% of Mexican "crime guns" come from the U.S. A more accurate assessment would be 90-99% come from the U.S. NOW, the thing is, these weapons aren't individual weapons transported to Mexico. They are sold enmass to the Mexican government, and guess by who. Well, none other than the U.S. government. They sell the weapons of all sorts to the Mexican government, who, in turn, arm their army/police. Their army/police deserts, taking with them the weapons and ammo. When they run low on arms/ammo, they attack army patrols/police stations to rearm. The U.S. then furnishes more arms/ammo to Mexico. And, for what it's worth, these weapons are newer and later models of what the U.S. government furnishes its own troops. Now, isn't that a kicker?????

  9. Betsy K. Larsen says:

    We can vote till the cows come home, or till hell freezes over, either way, it’s not going to do any good, all it does it change one liar and crook for another bunch of liars and crooks. John “boner” is just one such example. When I read where he says that Odimwit is a “christian” I about puked. People, I KNOW CHRISTIAN, and if that THING is a Christian, then I am a bloody SAINT! This proves to me that anyone we vote into office goes there and changes his/her colors. Or, lips turn browner than shit! Having grown up in the “Holiness” churches of this country, I learned early what a Christian truly is. And what one ISN”T! And the longer this politic game goes on in that city, we are only going to go deeper into debt, and lose any and all freedoms we ever cherished. The right to bear arms is going to go sooner than later, if we don’t do what it takes to rid ourselves of these would be dictators, all of them! Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutly, and it corrupts from the start, from what I see and hear. These fools that we voted into office in November have not done diddly squat, and I do not beleive they intend to. Listen to them, watch them, and this will tell you everything you need to know. It is going to be up to WE, THE PEOPLE to put an end to this Grand Theft Nation of ours! Somehow, we are going to have to stand up, stand togather, and fight togather to take back what is rightfully ours. As one writer said, “do an Egypt” on them all. This THING in office is as bad, if not worse than the Egyptian president who just got his sorry ass throw out! I’d have to say worse, because IT IS OUR PROBLEM, IT being the THING WHO IS ROBBING US BLIND and ROBBING US OF ALL OUR FREEDOM! And, we sit here and allow it, hoping that votes will heal the wound that his/it’s change brought about. Change. Change it back to what America is supposed to be, not the idea of what this muslimE intends it to be. “The United IslamicStates of North America.” I firmly believe that is his/it’s agenda, and has been from day one. Do we want to be islamic? I don’t.

  10. TaterSalad says:

    There is one big thing that is very evident and that is that Janet "Reno" Napolitano is in way over her head with this job and her boss, Barack Obama is even farther along than her. Officers are getting killed on or near the southern border "that is more secured now than ever before" (what a joke) and she is still giving "lip service to the media and us Americans. Please 2012, it can't get here fast enough!

  11. TaterSalad says:

    Disband the Homeland Security department NOW! It isn't doing one damn thing for America's security and is costing us taxpayers big bucks!

    • navyjr says:

      Actually it is doing SOMETHING for our border security; but what it's DOING is DESTROYING what little there was to begin with, by encouraging the invasion and refusing to enforce the extant laws.

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