Beating Back Budget Betrayal

by Michael Oberndorf

Let’s face it: We’ve been betrayed again. Grassroots conservatives — and the globalist/Marxist/fascist Democratic Party — have come to realize that Establishment Republicans such as Sun Tan Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and a host of other senators and congressmen are totally incapable of standing firm on principle. They think they must “compromise” on everything — that to stand on principle is to be seen as partisan, and Heaven forbid that should happen. What would Democrats and independents think?

The same week that these frauds “compromised” our budget cuts down to $38 billion, the government went another $52 billion into debt. According to the Heritage Foundation, the government’s own figures also revealed that in 2010, it took in $2.15 trillion in revenue, but spent $3.69 trillion. This kind of behavior is not aimed at anything but wrecking our economy, as outlined by Obama’s heroes — Saul Alinsky, Richard Andrew Cloward, and Frances Fox Piven — in order to impose a form of global Marxism/fascism.

This kind of debt is not sustainable, not even in the short run, and they all know it.

So, what do we do? We can actively support the small-but-dedicated group of real conservatives in Congress. Rep. Paul Ryan has proposed a budget that is soun, and can undo much of the damage that Reid, Pelosi, Obama, and their Republican running dogs have caused. We must not let this be “compromised” away. The Tea Parties are a powerful force, and we must not let the enemy marginalize and demoralize us. We need to do whatever it takes to keep this budget proposal alive and intact.

Another thing we can do is support the movement to repeal the 17th Amendment. The 17th Amendment took away the power of state legislatures to elect their senators, who originally were to be the states’ representatives at the federal level, while congressmen were to represent the people. It was passed in 1913, along with the creation of the Federal Reserve. Senators can now be elected by special interests like unions, environmentalists, and multi-national corporations who pump Big Money into their campaigns, creating loyalty not to the states, but to the special interests. We see this in action every day, with the Senate ignoring the wishes of the people – as it is with the budget, amnesty, Obamacare, the refusal to allow oil drilling, and one of the latest outrages: a bill to enable even more “czars.” Introduced by RINO Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-TN, the bill is an abdication of the Senate’s responsibility and another step toward dictatorship. Repeal of the 17th Amendment would be a huge step in returning power to the states, and thus, the people. It is indeed, time to take out the trash.

The vulnerable but growing core of real conservatives in Congress are definitely worthy of our support, time, and money: Allen West, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, and Mark Lee among others.

So, here we are, facing a nation-crushing debt, government corruption at the highest levels,
and a world that seems to be falling apart. This must be a little bit what it was like for folks back in the 1930s. They faced hard times and tough decisions. They had to commit to making real sacrifices in order to preserve America, liberty, and our Constitution and its Bill of God-given Rights, but they did it and they eventually prevailed.

So can we.

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7 Responses to Beating Back Budget Betrayal

  1. Ridge Runner says:

    If we don’t get busy and serious about getting rid of these of these liberal(communists) reps and get some half way honest conservative people back in our government we are not going to have much left of our country. What is left after they get through stealing what they can will be given to these entitlement zombies they have created over the past three decades and every thing left will belong to these elites and these zombies until i guess the bottom falls out. the country is bankrupt and turned over to the new world order.

  2. BBFmail says:

    I also feel betrayed. This article from the…expresses my feelings!
    Congressional Republicans betray social conservatives with budget compromise

    * By Jamie Beu, Orlando Roman Catholic Examiner
    * April 9th, 2011 11:14 am ET

    An open letter to House Speaker Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor:

    You dropped the ball. Plain and simple, that's the best way to describe the budget compromise that was struck with Congressional Democrats and President Obama.

    Yes, you got a bunch of budget cuts that may or may not save the fiscal health of our nation. But at what cost? The decision to keep sending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to the largest abortion provider in the United States: Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). This compromise for fiscal health continues to put the health (nay, lives!) of hundreds of thousands of babies at risk, while also contributing to the declining demographic health of our nation.

    Do you not realize that you are sowing the seeds of your own defeat? By deciding to use Planned Parenthood funding as a bargaining chip (a "rider" to be pulled out in exchange for the "loftier" goal of fiscal responsibility), rather than as a non-negotiable core value, you have alienated social conservatives and made them feel that they are only worth something to you in even-numbered years.

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  4. Ron Morley says:

    I know that a lot of people thought that the Tea Party movement would make a big impact on Republican actions in Congress. However, as I wrote here:… the night of the election, not enough Tea Party candidates got elected to make a difference to the Republican leadership. Let's face it, roughly 15% of the seats in Congress changed hands in 2010. Not all of those were Tea Party candidates. Even had they been, a 15% turn-over tells a professional politician that he stands an 85% chance of getting re-elected if he merely continues doing what he's been doing. Any politician I know would jump at those odds. What it means is practice is just what we have seen with the so-called "budget compromise" – business as normal because the Republican leadership has no incentive to change their modus operandi. The only way that those in Congress will change is to turn out at least 50% of the incumbents (excluding those supported by the Tea Party) in the next election. Nothing else will convince the leadership, of either wing of the Big Government party, to change the way they do business. If the American people do not expel truly significant numbers of incumbents – of both parties – in 2012 the chances of saving this nation from bankruptcy and hyperinflation will be nil. I hope this doesn't happen, but, as a wise man once said (paraphrased), "No one has ever gone broke by overestimating the gullibility of the American people." Let's hope that we don't have to go through a societal collapse in order to get back to actually using our nation's Constitution.

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