Arizona Legislator Calls Obama’s Actions “Impeachable”

by Ben Johnson

The campaign to impeach Barack Obama has a distinguished new advocate: Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, who authored Arizona’s immigration law S.B. 1070. During a speech on November 19, Pearce told an audience:

Think about it. This is the first time in the history of the United States that a sitting president has sided with a foreign government to sue the citizens of its country. For defending our laws? For defending and protecting the citizens of the state of Arizona? It’s outrageous, and it’s impeachable.

Senator Pearce was referring to the Obama administration’s decision to invite 11 Central and South American nations to join the federal government’s lawsuit against Arizona. This outsourcing ignores the president’s numerous lawsuits against the state, as well as motions against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for “racial profiling,” on the grounds he arrested too many Hispanics near our open border with Mexico.

The lawsuit was perhaps the least offensive or forceful measure the president has taken against the will of his own citizens. The Obama administration hauled Arizona before the UN Human Rights Council after it passed Pearce’s bill.

After Governor Jan Brewer learned about Obama’s outrage from this reporter, she sent a letter demanding Hillary Clinton strike the reference from the UNHRC report. Hillary refused.

In September, a UN committee issued a thinly veiled denunciation of Arizonans as “xenophobes and racists.” Then Obama allowed human rights violators to humiliate the United States in the Geneva forum while appointing milquetoast globalists like “transnationalist” Harold Koh to “defend” America.

His efforts to enlist foreign nations and the UN to overturn state policies with which he disagrees is indeed unconstitutional, and one of many grounds for impeachment. This author is pleased to have perhaps the best state senator in the United States voicing such truths, especially to those who are hostile to them.

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37 Responses to Arizona Legislator Calls Obama’s Actions “Impeachable”

  1. dannymprado says:

    I believe 100% if Congress (House and the Senate ) is controlled by Republicans Obama will be impeached without any doubts and delay. Obama can not veto it, because the Republicans will override it. With all the lies and violations on elections codes, violations on ethecs, violations of our constitutions, his eligibility as president, his associations with "COMMUNISTS ", as millions of Americans claimed. By the way, do you think we can impeach Obama through our civil courts? I think that is possible and a great idea to pursue.

    • dfldee says:

      Gad I hope so!!!!

    • montelee says:

      If we wait for January it may be too late. What needs to happen and should of happened before now is for the military to get some (nerve) and do what should of already happened and charge the so called commander in chief with treason. Try him in a military court and put him in prison for the rest of his life or hang him, both exceptable punishments for commiting acts of treason against the U.S.

      • 007pilot says:

        Amen to that!!! Can we bypass the House and go directly to trial for a sitting Pres.? I am all over that if we can and if the military has the balls to do it.

  2. Americaisbroke says:

    I simply CANNOT believe what is happening to the United States today….We are destined for destruction under this *LUNATIC* obummer – how is this buffoon managing to get away with ALL THIS NONSENSE??? We will soon be bankrupt – overun by mexicans – and close to being a 3rd world country!!! This *DEVIL* has to be removed from the W/House by whatever means possible!!! The "Founding Fathers" would all think they were in *HELL* – if they could see America today!!!!

    • FredandDeb says:

      I can believe it. Our nation's been heading in this direction for many decades. Obama is managing to get away with ALL THIS NONSENSE because he and his lying, liberal, corrupt, socialist toadies are all in control now! He wouldn't be in the White House if he hadn't LIED, then LIED to cover his LIES, when he was running for president. Today, he's STILL lying, and people are STILL believing him! The powers that be gave us a choice of John McCain, probably the #1 RINO (Republican In Name Only) in the country, or Obama with all his promises (LIES.) It wasn't much of a choice. Americans held their noses and closed their eyes and voted for Obama, when we should have voted independent!

    • Becky says:

      You know, what more can be said? O’Bummer’s an idiot, and a moral moron, to boot!

  3. Brian Tweed says:

    This To Robinson Crusoe U.S.N.The Adventures Of George
    Tweed to 65 Years To Commemorate Anniversary

    To The Constitution,Of The United States
    To Milbank,Tweed,Hadley And Mccloy To Attorneys.
    To The Guam Government

    To Begin CREW(Citzens Who Responsible For Ethics In WAshington)
    Makes To Robinson Crusoe U.S.N. the Adventures Of George Tweed
    I Wanted To Say To A Month To
    December 2010.You Just Made My Moth,In Knowing This To Make To
    Crw,Happy Holidays Floyd Brown To Those Who To Support to
    Arizona SB 1070.

    People You Made To What I George TWeed,my Name Brian Tweed
    This Sounds Not To Topic But To Gene Simmons of KIss SB 1070,
    And The Geneva Context I Was Using In Lettering Based
    On Barack Obama,To Hillary Clinton.Who To Arizonma Suppoprt.
    And I Wanted To Hear That.

    Yes I Said To Also Robinson Crusoe U.S.N.The Adventurers Of George Tweed,To THe United States Of Tara.
    First Off The United States what has Woman Like Shannon Tweed To Say America In Truth,Not Even Bornm Americamn.(SE REsime Makes Adult Resume Shes A Real Funny Lady,(And In TRuth I American And I Hold Power Over Her For Being InAmerica And WE Dont Need.)and Steven Spielberg Says People To A Woman
    To Steven Spielberg To Shannon Tweed to CREW To Social SEvurity To Immigration Hollywood.
    George Tweed my name Brian Tweed Hollywod To Imigration Doesnt Get Involved In Government Issues To social
    Security.Lets Just Say 9-11-01 the New York Tragedy Make a Foundation A Greater People to
    HOllywood Supports Jew Zionist,To And ImmigrationTo Osama Bin Laden,And Well As You Know George Bush,BOss Tweed(Hilaery Clinton) Bill Clinton,Boss Tweed To Barack Obama Practially 3 Failed Presdents To THat Unto And Genme Simons Shannon Twd to Osama Bin Lden Birthday Mar.10,1957,(In Posting Today I Wont Let Be Unto.Lets Just Say Unto and Begins To THe Holidays 0And Well,To Its Own.Also,Thre Presidents To Say Represent Amrica And What Gave You To Say From In Immigration Beside Celebrity,I See Only On Cowardice Weakness And Fraud ToBefore Our Great People To Say In Truth To Issues Our Great People.Lets Just Keep That Unto A New Paper To
    Make This Websites.

    Allegiance Under Fire To George Tweed My Name Brian
    Tweed,500 POst to T.V.Com,To You Tube Out In EArly 2011
    Also This Month My Hollywood Vist To Ron Meyer To President Of Universal Studios The Adice No Man Is an Island George Tweed To Geoege W.Tweed and Ron Meyer To Say American Dreamz to George Tweed.To Say American Dreamz George Twd to Iraq A Comedy And Ron Meyer To The Red Carpet To Movie Preimere to in Immigration,To This.You Got The Navy the Nw Years.TO NBC Universal.
    To Court.
    I’ll Keep You Posted.

    Again People Happy Holidays
    To Crew Will Keep You Posted upon.

    This Disclosed.

    Brian Tweed

  4. mcqueens2002 says:

    Nothing is going to be done to obumer. All everyone does is complain about him. Everyone keeps saying he has done impeachable things. The only problem is he will make it to 2012 because everyone wants to use their lips instead of the pen to the house and senators.

    • real_patriot says:

      I'm afraid you are right. Talk, talk, and more talk. Meanwhile this Doppleganger is burning down the house. Boehner is gushing like a schoolgirl that Obama likes "them". Its truly sad but maybe what this country deserves….. Everyone took things for granted and the bad guys walked right in.
      A certain Muslim cleric was quoted in a southwestern newspaper as saying, "We will use their own democracy against them". They sure are. With a birthrate 4X that of the average American family. With Illegal immigrants voting un-opposed….their plan seems to be on track. Conservative Christian Americans will be legislated out of existance. Back to the colosseum we go. It'll be on cable 24/7. We already have American Gladiators…just take the pads off.

      • dannymprado says:

        REAL PATRIOT : You are NOT a patriot. You are a JOKE, soft-hearted coward no-brainer. You have to use your no-brain to help solve the muslim -problems, the OBAMA and Demonscrats Liberals who are trying to destroy AMERICA. If you keep on agreeing on what the enemies are planning against America, you will be the first to go, because you are afraid to fight for AMERICA. If you are American enough, you should not agree with what these enemies are doing and planning. BE A PATRIOT. STAND FOR AMERICA…

  5. DallasOrf says:

    I have a message for the 112th Congress….. After the urgent orders of business are completed (extension of Bush Tax Cuts and assuring that the budget is dealt with for the current fiscal year – move on to IMPEACHMENT. There are a multitude of offenses that are impeachable offenses. Standing with a foreign nation against one of our very own in the USA is just one example. Sustak is another, failure to prosecute the New Black Panther for voter intimidation is another, receiving foreign monies for his campaign is another, failure to supply his government issued birth certificate is another. There are countless offenses he has committed or been in conspiracy with. Let's do it men Congress! It's what a large number of American's want! There is too much of a threat that he will do irreversible damage over the next 2 years! He is already using exectutive orders to accomplish his agenda under the table and out of America;s view. PLEASE I implore you to hold the appropriate hearings!

    • mcqueens2002 says:

      DallasOrf, pass what you put here in front of your Senator and State Representatives. This is a statement I made to one of my Representative about imigrations.

      Rep. Mike Villarreal

      Some of the statements you said I agree with. In the two attachments I agree with a lot of that to. In those articles, they were talking about immigrants that at one time or another they came into the United States legally because they have a social security card. These are the immigrants these articles are talking about.

      The ones I have heartburn about are the ones working in this country that is not paying any social security. They are the ones that are taking jobs away from people that do pay into the system. I know quite a few individuals trying to get jobs in the construction that were born and raised in this county that can’t find a job because of the illegal workers that are working under the table.

      Thats all it take. Everyone has to do it,

  6. DoubleAce says:

    This guy (obummer) is so corrupt he makes criminals look good. We need him removed from office tried for treason and convicted and sentenced. Anyone who would turn against the United States (Arizona) and allow a foreign nation to file law suit against them is a traitor. He shouldbe dealt with accordingly. As is obvious by his poll numbers he is probably the most hated man in America (next to George Soros). They both have the same plan for America. They want to destroy her or at least reduce her to the status of a third world country. Currently America is the only nation standing in the way of the New World Order, and it isn't our government that doesn't want it it's our people. Keep you guns, stock up on ammo because they are going to try and ram this down our throats as they did health care.

  7. DoubleAce says:

    On that thought if the Government is trying to get our deficit under control they can start by unfunding the UN, stop providing foreign aid to countries that hate us like Africa, and Yemen to name a few, instead of going after the old and the poor in America. They have convinced the poor that they are there to help them. Well if you are unemployed, have no medical coverage, about to loose Social Security, medicare, and about to get hit in the face with a new tax burden, ask yourself, What has this administration done for me? They have put you deeper in debt,that's what they have done for you. This isn't going to end until Americans stand up for what is right. Stop taking our money and giving it to non Americans. Is that Obummers idea of sharing the wealth?

  8. paulrevere101 says:

    Go for it and get this Globalist Fascist out of the WH!

  9. dragonfFIRE01 says:

    I really hope this is not just talk. I lived in Arizona for almost 20 years and watched hospitals fill up with people who didn't speak English. I'm not against immigration, but I am against illegal immigration. The fact that the US government refuses to enforces its own laws is a crime. All that is needed is for someone in Congress to grow a pair and toss the bum out.

    • artinthewild says:

      My daughter has been to Europe several times. Every time she went from one country to another she had to show her passport. I don't understand why we are the only country in the world that others feel shouldn't require a passport from people coming in to destroy our country? As for destroying our country…Geo. Soros is at the bottom of all this and he owns the media, Obama (President of the United States) and the democrats and some of the Republicans…..

  10. dfldee says:

    If the new congress has any balls the buffoon will be impeached although nullification would be better…That way we could nullify all of his appointees…i.e.kagan, sodapop, along with the czars, and any cabinet he has elected….All of them are socialists, commies, or worse. The horrid idiots that hushed up his documents…i.e.pelosi, reid, dodd, should also be impeached for fraud and treason against the american people…All assets taken and jail cells for them including rangel, waters,….I despise morons like these who were elected by the pool of fools looking for handouts

  11. Mike says:

    How long are we going to take it? There are provisions to remove elected officials who are harmful to our “American way of life”. We need to kick his ass out now. The longer we wait, the worse off we’ll be when he’s gone. I’m tired of hearing about it, I want to see some action.

  12. pookieboo10 says:

    So……are we just going to keep talking about it, or actually do something???

  13. coachpan says:

    I am afraid that congress does not have the backbone to impeach Obama, even though there certainly is a strong case. Our only hope (sad as it is) would be that his own party turns against him. Otherwise, he will drag them down the tubes, just like he is trying to do to our wonderful country. When Barry said he would "fundamentally change our country", no one really knew what he meant. He deceives and lies to get
    his way. Anyone who would trust him is a fool! Just take a look at all his radical mentors. No question he is WRONG for this country. I am also sick in hearing people say that they disagree with his policy, but think that he is a nice guy. WRONG AGAIN! He is an EVIL person who wants to destroy our very way of life. It has been a LONG two years of Obama. Then sooner he is out of office the better. We neeed to get back to being the GREAT country we once were.

  14. Dale DuBois says:

    If we get rid of Obama it won’t be by impeachment as you can’t impeach a President that isn’t really our President but a fake. He is not a citizen of the USA, why do you think he is hiding all of his records. More than likely he is an illegal just as those coming across the borders. The politicians that helped him get to be President know the truth about Obama and should be charged with a crime when we do find out the truth. We can sit around and talk about all of this and nothing will be done till we get some people with balls in the congress and senate that will do whatever it takes to be rid of Obama.

  15. paddy0071946 says:

    Hell no! forget an impeachment, just put Obammy and all his crew of crooked czars on trial for treason, convict them all, then put em in front of the firing squad! and hurry up please

  16. Ron Powell says:

    The first thing the Republicans are going to have to learn is to NOT pay attention to anything the liberal media spews. Their agenda is the same as Obama’s and will try to place the blame for all our country’s ills on anyone but the snake. There should be no compromising with the socialists and communists (not much difference between the two).
    Did Obama compromise on anything…no, if he didn’t get his way, he used unethical if not downright criminal, tactics to pass laws that mainstream America was against. Rub the bastard’s face in his own crap.

  17. kenny1801 says:


  18. kenny1801 says:

    I'm waiting to see if our SUPREME COURT has ANY BALLS or GUTS to do THE RIGHT THING and PROSECUTE that LOW LIFE that is PRETENDING to be SOMEBODY!!!!!

  19. majorx says:

    I would like to know why so many formerly respected politican, judges and bureaucrats are protecting Obama against the wrath of the people and the Constitution. Why the supreme court denied a hearing on the eligibility issue whith much circumstantial evidence to support it, in other words playing chicken with the issue. Presidents arent Gods, when they go bad they need to be called in account, but no in DC has the balls. They think Obama will protect them from the rage of the People, not so. Obama already has his plane tickets out of the Country if the heat becomes to high, I am sure, back to Kenya.

  20. kenny1801 says:

    Obama is nothing more than a BIG PILE of DOG SH*T!!!!!!

  21. nigchipper says:

    Nah, it won't happen, and if it does, it won't change anything. Look at Clinton. He didn't even have the race card to play, although he did try (remember "first black president"?) Look at Charlie Rangel. He was found to have committed criminal felonies while in office and part of his office, and he was "censured" by the House. This is equivalent to murdering your boss and getting suspended without pay. These people commit crimes and they are above the law. Case closed.

  22. TaterSalad says:


    Planned Parenthood is funded by guess who? Barack Obama's moneyman – George Soros

  23. TaterSalad says:

    Now here is how to handle these Muslim bastards and giving them a taste of what they deserve:

  24. inventour says:

    Obama and his wife said it best.

    Obama’s wife: For the first time in my life I’m proud to be an American…

    Obama”, I am going to spread the wealth around.

    It’s all about money, stealing money and destroying this Country.

    They are doing a good job of it.

    They need to be stopped.

    Thankfully the Republicans won the House and now control the spending.

  25. mcqueens2002 says:

    If everyone would write their congressman/women and house member and get them to impeach the president then maybe we have a chance. We first have to get them working before anything can happen. Once he is impeached and proven not eligible to be president then everything he signed into law will have to be thrown out. Everything he was able to pass in the senate or house will be null and void. You people out there crying wipe your nose, dry your eyes and get on the phone. I am on the phone with my congressman or emailing them all the time. I don’t like something I let them know. I fought in two wars for this right and I will do what it takes.

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