A Conservative Hero is Under Attack

by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown

Today one of America’s most important conservative leaders is under brutal assault from the radical Left, and he desperately needs conservatives from across America to rally to his defense. His name is Russell Pearce, and he is the president of the Senate in Arizona.

In a replay of Wisconsin, labor unions, radical Green movements, and left-wing Latino organizations are pouring money into a recall effort against Senator Pearce. The recall launched by these shadowy groups spending buckets of cash for paid signature gatherers.

While Arizona Governor Jan Brewer makes headlines around the country for standing up to Obama and the unjustified regulations and lawsuits spewing from Washington, D.C., it is Senator Pearce that is her backbone and the legislative leader that has shepherded the conservative agenda thorough the endless labyrinth to make it law.

Because Senator Pearce is so effective, he is despised by the Left. He helped vanquish the Janet Napolitano allies who run the Democratic Party in Arizona from power. They see the personal destruction of Russell Pearce as a pathway back to the power they lust after.

In many ways he is an unlikely leader. He spent most of his career in law enforcement. He served at every level rising to become Chief Deputy for Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. It was here that he learned how to make tough choices under the mentorship of America’s most famous Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

Republicans elected him as Senate President, and at that time he promised he “would be vigilant in the promotion of the core values that our Founding Fathers so long ago sacrificed and committed their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for this Republic.”

His legislative record over more than a decade of service is legendary.

In 2006 alone, he authored Proposition 100 to deny bail to illegal aliens who commit serious crimes; he authored Proposition 102 to deny punitive damages to any illegal alien who sues an American citizen; he authored Proposition 103 to make English the official language of Arizona; and he authored Proposition 300 to deny day care and tuition assistance to illegal aliens.

In 2007, he wrote the toughest employer sanctions law in the nation to stop illegal employers from hiring illegal aliens by revoking their business license. This hit what he calls “the profits-over-patriotism crowd.” Arizona won a 5-3 victory in the United States Supreme Court as a result. It is one of the largest states’ rights victories in decades.

In 2010 he wrote and authored S.B.-1070, the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act, to eliminate “illegal” sanctuary policies in Arizona. As we all know, this bill allows law enforcement to arrest illegal aliens for immigration violations. As a result, Arizona has seen a reduction in violent crime of more than three-times the national average.

Under Senator Pearce, Arizona is the undisputed national leader in the restoration of the rule of law. As he said recently:

Over 100,000 illegal aliens having left the state since 2007, saving about $500 million in K-12 annually. [We have seen] a huge reduction in violent crimes, as high as 30 percent in some cities, and the first time in Arizona history a declining population in our prisons, reduction in social services costs, and preserving jobs for Americans.

Arizona has passed legislation to increase school choice, protect mothers and their babies, restore lost Second Amendment rights, the Healthcare Freedom Act to protect your choices in healthcare, eliminated Affirmative Action, and stopped the abuse of eminent domain, thereby securing property rights — and much more.

We have chosen to help Senator Pearce, and we encourage conservative across America to do the same. His website is http://www.russellpearce.com. As he wrote to supporters recently, “We are a nation of laws. We must have the courage – the fortitude – to enforce, with compassion but without apology, those laws that protect the integrity of our borders and the rights of our lawful citizens from those who break our laws.”

Conservatives need Russell Pearce.

About Floyd Brown

Floyd Brown is a political innovator, writer and speaker. Time magazine wrote: “Brown has a stature among devoted conservatives that almost matches his physical heft (6 ft. 6 in. and 240 lbs.)”. Floyd has written for publications as diverse as the San Francisco Chronicle, the Washington Times, Townhall.com and Worldnetdaily.com. His latest book is Killing Wealth/Freeing Wealth, published in 2010 by WND Books. Floyd writes a weekly syndicated column about politics, culture and the economy with his wife, Mary Beth Brown. Floyd also is chairman of the Western Center for Journalism www.westernjournalism.com.
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9 Responses to A Conservative Hero is Under Attack

  1. tomm payne says:

    We need a Russell Pearce for every “czar” Obama has in his illegal operation!

  2. J.N. Garinger says:

    WE NEED ALOT MORE “POLITITIONS” like Russel Pearce,, HE “IS” a REAL “AMERICAN”I back you 100% Russel,, There`s alot more just like me in central AZ,Camp Verde

  3. Dora Bates says:

    I would say that Russell Pearce is a STATESMAN, not a Politician. He is to be commended and encouraged to continue the good fight there in Arizona and maybe
    someday move up to Washington, DC to continue the good fight for WE THE PEOPLE!

  4. Lorene B says:

    Pearce is a true Patriotic American, and yes, a Statesman. Those who represent evil will always fight tooth and nail to stamp out anyone and anything that is good and right. I wonder if the Tea Party and the Republican Party are fighting on equal ground in his defense…

  5. Marye says:

    Arizona has two Republicans with homes there who are on Obama’s payroll……..as they certainly are not helping Governor Brewer in her fight to secure Arizona’s borders…..and those two are John McCain and Sarah Palin. Why is it that all Americans do not notice that neither of these two prominent Republicans have offered to help Governor Brewer…even after Obama turned her over to the UN (whose members vote against our country while continuously using and abusing our facilities) for censure. Not a word from those two who were on our Republican Presidential ticket in 2008. Are they still on George Soros’ payroll? I would like to know as the press continually praises them……and even has the gall to suggest Sarah could run again. Are we shooting ourselves in the foot? Wake up America……do not allow “our enemies within” to con the American people again. It looks like they are setting up Rick Perry for the same deal as McCain had the last time. Did you notice the mainstream media is not “blasting” Sarah or Perry? We need a true, honest American for President and I recommend Herman Cain. The others have too much baggage and may have “feet of clay”……….and many of them sit in our Congress….sad to say!

  6. Marye says:

    By the way…..I meant to ask all Arizona residents to stand behind Russell Pearce…….he is a devoted backer of American principles and should be honored instead of badgered by those who are being paid by this present White House regime. Hoodlums are running rampant in this Soros-run administration in DC. We must demand that this phony in our White House be removed from our White House and our Country….he and his Czars, et al are contaminating our Oval Office…….and tell the “punk” to keep his feet off our honored presidential desk…….we need to fumigate the place as soon as we kick them out of there!

  7. Brittanicus says:

    Texas Governor Rick Perry obviously doesn’t realize that any benefits for illegal aliens, whether it’s the $100.000 tuition fee in the University of Texas or any number public assistance programs is just a tremendous draw to foreign persons, from across borders or a visitor’s visa ticket from anywhere abroad. In a survey by (CIS) Center for Immigration Studies, 40 percent of Texas jobs are jobs taken by illegal aliens in the Lone Star State. Anything that is free is going to entice people, especially when their own country is corrupt or have no interest in gaining support from its people. What is seriously unconstitutional is giving advantages to illegal children over the rights of citizen children, who must pay full tuition as out of state students. In yesterday’s melee, this became a highlighted issue of extraordinary importance to the audience. In a partnership with YouTube and Fox News featured the Republican Presidential Primary candidates in a debate answering questions from the online community.

    Perry was confronted by boos, and hecklers who gave no-quarter to this seemingly special preference to the children of illegal aliens. Senator McCain in 2007 felt the brunt of this condemnation, for the passage of a “Path to Citizenship” and equally abhorrent his pursuance of another mass amnesty. This immediately wrecked his chance of the Presidency, as his campaign money machine ground to a halt through this irrational agenda. Make no mistake that large majorities of the Hispanic people are not going to fall in this political trap, as hundreds of thousands do not believe in pandering to the illegal immigrant onslaught. Like all Americans their jobs are in jeopardy as well, as it is for Latino’s, Blacks, Whites, Asians and others who qualify as lawful residents. The TEA PARTY doesn’t condone any type of official pardon, for those who stole into our country. Voicing her opinion, Bachmann said: “We will not have taxpayer-subsidized benefits for illegal immigrants or their children.” She pledged to build a fence along the U.S.-Mexican border, a shift that Perry opposes. In the latest report surveyed by (FAIR) Federation of American Immigration Reform, Texas is subsidizing illegal aliens with 4.7 billion annually in contributions from its taxpayers.

    These payments cover education, medical care and incarceration that are just one state forced by the federal courts in unfunded mandates. Fair states, “State and local taxes paid by the unauthorized immigrant population go toward offsetting these costs, but they do not come near to matching the expenses. The total of such payments can generously be estimated at slightly less than $1 billion per year.” In addition Fair acknowledged, “The fiscal costs of illegal immigration do not end with these three major cost areas. The total costs of illegal immigration to the state’s taxpayers would be considerably higher if other cost areas such as special English instruction, welfare programs used by the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens, or welfare benefits for American workers displaced by illegal alien workers were also calculated.

    All 50 states are burdened by illegal immigrant costs, but in ratio the Sanctuary State of California beats them all, with a rising entitlement program of $9 Billion. Californians should not be expected to presume this already large and growing encumber from illegal immigration simply since businesses or other special interests benefit from being able to employ lower cost workers. In all the Heritage Foundation has analyzed a cost projection of every state, with an inclusion of federal funding–but not limited to $113 Billion dollars a year. All this money taken from the American taxpayers pay check. Even more astounding is the US government allowing illegal workers, to send an average of $46 billion dollars out of the country, to foreign banks?

    Rick Perry may have cooked his own goose, for as a Governor of a state he should be protecting his citizens and legal populace. Giving out taxpayer dollars to foreigner’s children is not just a Texas issue. There is no doubt in the TEA PARTY ticket, illegal immigration is going to take center stage, next to jobs and our wilting economy. Rep. Lamar smith is correct, when he impressed on the issue of his mandatory E-Verify proposal in Congress, this an imminent in vote right now, “That the only people losing their jobs–will be illegal aliens.” Of course the usual radical voices are raised, as critics opposing this Historical Immigration Bill, H.R. 2885 are searching for any loophole to drag it down. They are using what inflammatory rhetoric or lies they can muster against the passage of E-Verify “the Legal Workforce Act.” First they contest it that legal American workers could be turned away in being hired. So that person just addresses that grievance by going to their local Social security office; illegal aliens will stay well clear of this agency. None of the media will inform their readership of this?

    Following through with this is an expensive proposition for small businesses, when it’s a simple computer generated program and cost nothing to operate. The usual suspects are behind this bombardment of hoping to terrorize the people with this verbal garbage. Adverse entities such as Tea Party Nation or Tea Party Express have limited influence on the millions of in the Tea Party members, who want to see our 1986 Immigration laws severely enforced. They also want the instant citizenship law amended, so billions of dollars are not going to parents of these babies snuck into the United States, so they can get free hospital care, free housing, free food stamps and cash payments for every child. The misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment, has given 300.000 children at an annual rate for illegal parents, free access to the American people’s welfare safety-net.

    The people who vote in 2012 have probably the hardest selection in choosing a new president. Obama’s immigration enforcement was on the right track, until he began issuing executive orders and not complying with the “Rule of Law.” After all Liberal oriented presidents think they are not subject to the US Constitution. The job of his administration is to deport–ALL–illegal aliens, not select who can stay, because they hadn’t committed a crime. The next man/women in the White House must follow the law, which has been manipulated successfully by the public servants in the Dept of Justice. They should not be intimidated by the Church, unions, business, giant agricultural corporation, farmers or the open border groups. Instead of trying to undermine financially hurting states from converging crowds of illegal immigrants, they should be enforcing the laws in the border regions, where states like Arizona, California, Texas and New Mexico are in constant conflict with drug cartels and the tracks of foreigners moving Northwards in to America.

    Who amongst presidential contenders will really fit the bill, to beat Obama later next year? Businessman Herman Cain, a true partier who has a great plans and addressing the crippling Tax code, we have now and so does Bachmann? Being that illegal immigration has become an oppressive financial problem, finding the best candidate with an antidote is not for former for Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul as they have little to say about this controversial battle that is unceasing.

    We can all stand with our fellow jobless countryman by Calling House and Senate Leadership NOW Call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121. In winding up, Arizona, Georgia, Alabama and other states have been persecuted by Dept of Justice Eric holder and his mob. All these states need our help from years of a neglected border and the flow of–ECONOMIC–foreign nationals. Don’t take my word for the facts, as you can find the ugly truth of the illegal settlement at NumbersUSA that has been forced upon us for over thirty years. There have been 6 additional hidden small Amnesties and the clandestine importation of millions of semi-skilled workers that have arrive here every year, in competition from US workers high paying jobs. Other websites that will deliver the facts about the criminal element, with wide ranging access to the E-media is American Patrol.

    MY EARLIER BLOGS: http://brittanicus-enoughisenough.blogspot.com

  8. Marti says:

    I am so inspired by the courage of this man, and he has my full support, even tho’ I don’t live in his state. May God bless and protect and prosper him.

  9. Albert W. L. Moore, Jr. says:

    Hate to seem an ingrate, but Senator Pearce would do the nation a great favor, which might help his cause for retention, if he persuaded the Arizona Senate to subpoenae Obama’s DNA, vital records and Dr. Fukino to ascertain Obama’s actual identity.
    Obama pretends to be black in order to appeal for votes on a racial basis, and denigrate critics and opponents as racists. Disclosure of his original birth certificate will show that he has no Negro parent. Analysis of his DNA will prove that it is biologically impossible for Obama to be the son of a Negro father and a Caucasian mother. Hence the latest “birth certificate” proffered 27 April 2011 can not be Obama’s original birth certificate. Arizona’s Attorney General should review the state’s law and launch his own investigation to consider prosecution for election fraud by theft of racial identity. Sheriff Arpaio’s investigation of Obama would be greatly enhanced by these measures.
    Disclosure that Barry is not black would materially reduce the reluctance to investigate him, which his proxies and dupes are quick to say “is only because he’s black”.

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